>> I'm keeping things short and clippy for the time being as I'm whipping up a batch of emails which begin with "Dear xxx, I was burgled on Friday therefore I can't xxx…").  The situation is much aided by SD cards which I thankfully off-loaded and have thus found a few bits and bobs for me to go "YAY!" about on here.

I'm not a huge fan of talking up collections excitedly that won't drop into stores until months and months later.  S/S 11 is just about done and dusted and for me, A/W 11-12 posting will be intensely underway over the next month before S/S 12 shows kick off.  Except I made the mistake of going over to Paris last week and popping into the bStore and Six London showrooms where they had a good selection of their S/S 12 stock to do sales.  S/S 12 – that's stuff that won't physically be in-store until around Feb time.  That's err…Febraury 2012.  For a person that doesn't even know what's happening at the end of this week, this is a new level of advanced planning.

Nevertheless, I'm supremely excited that bStore have taken their collaboration with Liberty Fabrics to a womenswear level and have gone one step further to add shoes and bags that perfectly balance out bStore's aesthetic with the combination of four Liberty prints.  A detailed loafer, a slingback shoe with a perspex heel and a boxy satchel brings previous bStore collections to mind but the addition of the Liberty print augments them beyond belief.  I clamoured over the rail exclaming "This is SO good!" over and over again, so much so that the showroom people had to get me a Coke to calm me down.  I'll be following up on this with the actual clothes in the collection but like I said S/S 12 seems to far, far away… for now, just remember this is all yet to come and perhaps saving a fiver a week might help you along your way when these actually drop in February. 







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  1. OH my! I have to have that bag! The transparent heel . . well it’s been done before, but it’s still nice to see.

  2. Tati says:

    Beautiful way to incorporate country flowers with leather in shoes and bags.

  3. Kate says:

    I adore that bag! Liberty always knows how to rock it 🙂

  4. I love the bags!! Thanks for sharing such lovely items! xx

  5. Taylor Lewis says:

    Those floral shoes and the bag, so goood 🙂

  6. Jeans Fan says:

    Vielleicht solltet ihr auch mal in Sachen einfacherer Mode berichten, zum Beispiel über Jeans Рdie passen perfekt zu den Schuhen und Taschen und auch da gibt es die verrücktesten Sachen.

  7. I heart the second set of shoes…its color palette match my fave summer dress…wanna have those..

  8. Goguma says:

    I love the Liberty print..can recognise it anywhere. Amazing accessories

  9. gokce says:

    lost for words … so lovely

  10. X Alex says:

    So glad you offloaded your SD cards and that you’re still blogging! I love the perspex heels, Liberty prints plus little splashes of colour and I love the stitch detailing of the last handbag. All 3 colours of it!

  11. jessica says:

    Yes,maybe it can help me a lot for I like this and now in learning.

  12. G says:

    I really like the bags! btw, your blog is a huge inspiration for me.

  13. eve says:

    hey the bags look lovely

  14. Piril says:

    Oh that shoe and bag ,adorable

  15. Duck says:

    I too am now totally confused about what season I’m dressing for… I want to wear all the amazing SS2012 stuff I saw in Paris but the current summer things are in the sales right now and I haven’t even got to try on AW2011. A mess.
    The shoes with acetate heels are perfection! Perfect for a wannabe Chloe Sevigny – or the girl herself!

  16. Daniel Dunt says:

    I really love the bags in this collection; the boot-type wedges are also a favorite of mine! – Hm, they should really begin creating some garish floral shirts for guys; I know I would certainly be first in cue! – Daniel Dunt

  17. Yum. I really want the bag.

  18. The floral prints on those shoes are just simply chic (both pairs). They look like they would be the perfect addition to a summery outfit!
    The I on Fashion

  19. dragon fruit says:

    ooomg those shoes are driving me crazy, i must get myself a pair!!

  20. ooomg those shoes are driving me crazy, i must get myself a pair!!

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