"The word doodle was derived from the verb dawdle, meaning wasting time or being lazy. However if you are an artist then this is a process. A doodle becomes a sketch, a sketch becomes a structure and from that structure comes a geometric pattern."


>> After infinite-scrolling down to the bottom of British print label, David David's new Tumblr-operated website, I found the quote above followed by one of David Saunders' scrawlings on a wooden table, which should prompt me to see if I could get the doodle-to-sketch-to-structure-to-pattern process happening.  Except I'm no graphic talent like Saunders is.  His collections have now been refocused to concentrate on his core offering – his mesmerising geometric patterns which work well on tees, simple t-dresses and umbrellas.  Instead of designing along with seasons, David David will be dropping collections as and when they see fit on their own website as well as to stockists so that they build up an archive of t-shirt prints.   

As much as I have resisted going down the Tumblr route myself, I'm definitely all for designers using it, especially when they come up with engaging layouts like Saunders has done.  He's only been at it for a fortnight and already he's garnered a good chug of image-based posts which gives you approximately a minute's worth of inspiring scroll through inspiration images, archive prints, impromptu designs that he comes up with and products linking back to the e-shop.  Tumblr seems to fit in with a designer's image-based way of working and in turn, it becomes a resource for other people as well as giving fans of the brand a new insight.  In Saunders' case, I love the way that he has transferred his daily snaps on his digi cam onto his Tumblr, doctoring images where he sees fit and adding short captions where necessary.  Hardly rocket science but definitely not something that every designer is willing to do… 


David David's e-shop currently houses their T_004 collection, inspired by 1940s bow ties and Saunders' own reworking of the polka dot and Breton.  At fairly purse-friendly prices, a pop of David David pattern is most definitely in everyone's reach.  I'll going for one of the printed umbrellas next, to make walking out into the rain a more exciting and fun prospect.  


Ddumbrella Ddumbrella2

David David T004 2 David David T004 3

David David T004 4 David David T004 6

Photography by Bohdan Cap

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  1. Megan says:

    These look like Picasso’s Blue Period Works!

  2. I love doodles. They’re creative and not contrived. =)
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  3. Kate says:

    Ah! I love those umbrellas! I want!

  4. Kathy says:

    last time i bought a DD umbrella it broke in a week.

  5. agnes szucs says:

    looks so good with all those colors and patterns.
    i will definitely follow it.

  6. thenewdenimorblack.blogspot.com says:


  7. Moraz Segal says:

    The girl is just TOO white, should dress her in black, that be awesome.

  8. Pedro Garfo says:

    Love the looks 🙂
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    Pedro Garfo
    Mens fashion Blog

  9. Laura says:

    i want the orange and grey striped dress!

  10. RIY_KA says:

    this is pretty cool, also to see the designers work process, and end result, impressive, plus the graphics-prints are really cool, would love one for myself:)

  11. Plumbing says:

    Should you ever consider distinct precious rocks for their merely mined form, you will by no means think these types of flagstones can glimpse when lovely as they complete when they’re inevitably from jewellery.

  12. Really, really love those umbrellas – great post!

  13. Sara says:

    wow this is the first time I’m hearing about a tumblr being used as a shop but the more I think about it, many of the layouts would be catered towards an online shop.
    – lamodequivole.blogspot.com

  14. James says:

    I am totally not a fan of tumblr but I know tumblrs a useful platform for media, thus I shouldn’t over look it. I love his New new Tumblr, it is so smart. I would have never guessed it was a tumblr. Great post as always. Very informative. Check out my fashion blog too.
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