Cat Eyes

>> I'm not particularly good when it comes to predicting 'HOT TRENDS' namely because these things tend to only come back and bite me later on.  Having been around the show circuits for a few years and witnessing the mass of streetstyle evidence that ensues afterwards, I think it's fairly safe to say that after last season's Prada brogue/espadrille hybrids, pops of Jil Sander and neon Cambridge Co. satchels, these Givenchy VG 782 glasses, will follow the same trajectory of those hot trot items gone before.  It's perhaps slightly unchracteristic of me to be pimping HOT fandangled things but then again, I was one of those mugs who bought a pair of Prada brogues ad unashamedly, from Prada's S/S 11 bananas and monkeys, I'll now be attempting to shift to Givenchy's A/W 11-12 panthers and violets and these glasses are the entry level ticket in (¬£350 for the acetate ones, ¬£390 for the fur covered ones).  I don't even feel mildly ridiculous about saying that (except that I can concede that ¬£300+ for something is hardly budget friendly… frighteningly that is about as cheap as it gets with Givenchy…).  I'm even contradicting my stance against wearing glasses with non-prescriptive lenses in them as I think these will be slightly too large for my mammoth prescription to handle.  Damn Riccardo Tisci for all this self-confounding talk.  I blame the violets.  The panthers.  The Versace-esque prints.  Even the bloody cat-ears caps that will undoubtedly emerge in the gardens of the Tuileries come October. 



Backstage photography by Morgan O'Donovan for Dazed Digital





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  1. I love cat eyes glasses and they generally suit Asian faces. I’m waiting for my mine to be fitted with thinnest lenses (as possible, cos my prescription is er super bad) and they’re not budget friendly…I normally trawl cheap designer version optical frames on ebay, don’t think I can justify paying ¬£250+ for wearing it at home eeek.

  2. Kit: Are you minus 10 plus though? The thing is, if I found frames that I loved and could have super thin lens put in for my prescription, I would wear glasses more often to rest my eyes from contacts, and thus justify the price…
    Sadly it’s not to be so these would probably be vanity frames, something that I’ve resisted for a long time…

  3. I love these; I’ve seen different takes on them multiple times, yet of-course as these sport the name Givenchy, they are of-course the ones everyone is going to want. I would have grabbed myself a pair, yet with a ¬£300 + price-tag, they’re certainly out of reach. Damn you Givenchy! – Daniel Dunt

  4. Both eyes are minus 10 and my eye balls has stretched a little (don’t know what that means but WTF). I tend to delay my eye check up with my local optician to avoid paying hefty sum of money for new prescripted lenses, I normally pay ¬£150 every 3-4 years. Now that I have a giant cat eyes frames (thank goodness its gifted, sorry I didn’t mention it before) I ended up paying double due to the size of the frames and depth of the lenses..vanity sucks. It sucks to be blind…wish I could superglue my contacts to my eyes….permanently.

  5. Whoo. Catty! haha I love the little creatures resting on the arm of the spectacles but somehow, they look more like pinchers then panthers to me.

  6. i dont think you need to feel bad for buying the brogues susie, they are so sweet, who cares if they’re a trend? i would definitely have them if i could afford them. The panther ones awesome too though, i want the fur ones! ps. this collection was so rad and so was the guys! the rottweiller sweater already seems to be majorly trending

  7. Please please please put this post away! I’ve been trying to talk myself down from calling up Barney’s to request these…such temptation. Such a perfect pair of glasses.

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