Anthony Vaccarello A/W 11-12 by Morgan O'Donovan

>>  It was something of a certainty from my perspective but it was still a nail-biting experience waiting at the Ritz in Paris to see whether Anthony Vaccarello was able to take home the ANDAM prize.  The result was that I went home on my Eurostar train, thoroughly happy and satisfied.  I had to keep it hush hush until tonight when there will be the ANDAM reception at the French Ministry of Culture where Vaccarello will be officially announced as the ANDAM 2011 winner, bagging him EUR220,000.   As a French-speaking, Paris-based designer, some of the critics (a damning anonymous letter was circulated in the French letter last year) of ANDAM's prize recent year tendency to award 'foreign' designers will be pleased.  He's not exactly the French designer that those detractors are after, but Vaccarello, born of Brussels, of Italian descent and now based in Paris certainly goes some way to answering the question of whether Paris has a new gen of young designers.  Nationality and French allegiances aside, and without wanting to diminish the other nominees, Vaccarello of course deserves it after a few seasons of building up an impressive stockist list that includes colette, Browns, Joyce and Kirna Zabete and a press momentum that means next show with ANDAM's support will be even more explosive.

As a personal friend of Anthony's, it's hard not to be accused of bias but fortunately for me, he has the goods to back it all up so that my admiration for his work isn't born out of friendship.  His clothes embody a jagged jolt of sexiness that seems brave in a sea of brands that make make concession and compromise to the customer rather than boldly making their own statement.  It's of course an emotional experience to see someone first hand work so hard and be so dedicated to their craft to reap the rewards and in this case, a rather big one.  After staying a few days at his Marais studio, I can say that S/S 12 is looking pretty sublime and I look forward to the reaction to it all come October.  For now, it's congratulations and a huge sigh of relief all round…  


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  1. RC Marie says:

    sounds so exiting, & you look adorable!

  2. MlMag says:

    Nice post ;D
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  3. me says:

    gret post! you look cute susie 🙂
    Meena xxx

  4. You must still be buzzing from his win! Love that snap of you.

  5. Sonia says:

    Congrats to him. That last ensemble is amazing.

  6. judy says:

    They are REALLY STUNNING!!Thank you!!come on

  7. You look adorable! I love your bangs. Cute Pix!

  8. Thebelgian says:

    Allez c’est chouette dis

  9. Duck says:

    It’s so wonderful for Anthony, and brilliant that you have been supporting him too with your blog for such a long time! Woop.

  10. Wow Anthony truly makes hot and cool clothes. He deserves to win.

  11. Dru says:

    I still remember that gorgeous, blazer you wore around the shows when you first posted about Anthony (it was pretty much the first image to come to mind when I read about this) – so thrilled to know he’s won such a major prize!

  12. eve says:

    hey,that’s a great post!!!

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