Would you like to supersize that?

"Medium? Why sir, do you not know that for a mere 25 cents more you can purchase a large beverage? And you know, I'm only telling you because we're such good friends, medium is really only for suckers who don't know the concept of value." 

 …so says Enid Birch of Ghostworld and with that in mind, I'll be applying that mentality to both the buying of my Mos Burger meals whilst I'm out in Singapore (rice patty as a bun…. !) and towards the upsizing of my shoes when I finally get my hands on these Moonspoon Saloon x Buffalo supersized monsters that some of you will have seen in this brilliant Cover editorial.  I'm merely putting out the official alert that they' WILL be on my feet by the end of the summer to swell up the excitement inside of me.  I have to thank the ever-alert Sarah Nicole Prickett for prompting me on Twitter to check these out and for making me take a rewound look at Moonspoon Saloon's latest collection 'Take Me To Your Leader' as I haven't been to Copenhagen Fashion Week in a while.  As ever, I'm floored by the theatricality that can only be conceived in a designer like Sara Sachs' head and the shoes are the perfect tipping point that has had a bunch of comments dotted around the internet expressing desperation as to where to find them.  Moonspoon have cryptically said they'll be in stores July/August.  Which stores?  Where?  I can't imagine it being the 'official' Buffalo shoe resellers that you find in Google seeing as Buffalo has gone a pretty dull and downwards direction with their recent designs.  I'm therefore assuming they mean official Moonspoon Saloon stockists but I'll find out more soon enough and amend this post accordingly.  This was just a supersize shoe notice that serves no purpose other than to get my feet prepared for total elevation…










(Editorial images from 2011 April issue of Cover magazine, photographed by Hasse Nielsen and styled by Sassie Baré from Fashiongonerogue)

49 Replies to “Would you like to supersize that?”

  1. Those shoes are great.
    Weclic is a community of active people who are interested in socializing and doing things like going to shopping/?s106044

  2. so funny that the telegraph did a feature about how these should NOT be back in fashion.
    The Susie posts about it and trumps them. hahaha
    They are fucking cool, love the grey and black ones.

  3. I actually own a pair of these kind of Buffallo shoes! Well not the platform/spraypaint version but the do have similar tops! If you are around a 38 you can have them from me (minus shipping to England which will be a couple of euro’s) but you had smaller feet right?
    @Kels: Most platform shoes like these aren’t heavy to walk in. You notice it a little bit more then flat shoes but I can easily walk a whole day in platforms without getting painful feet.

  4. I didnt use to Like Buffalo, they remind me of a certain club/trance trend, but they seem to totally be working here, and I am very surprised, I guess you can say”welcome back”??!!
    look forward to seeing you make an outfit out of them:)

  5. I would like to be notified of where we can get!!! I’m in love with this shoes and on internet say nothing about where to buy!

  6. i must be honest! i was waiting for this moment! I used to wear Buffalo like 15 years ago! i had like 10 pairs of buffalo’s: glitter, high, very high, pink, purple, metallic, leopard. it was a big hit in the underground dance scene. of course i gave them away because at one point! they were out of style. so i was really waiting for this moment, i knew that brands like that had to reinvent themselves (like dc Martens). oh the uber stylish spice girl shoes are back! i knew it. will i wear them again! i don’t know, maybe because of the nostalgic feeling

  7. Oh my god thats so weird I was just wondering whether buffalos would have another moment. I had a number of pairs, some more ridiculous than others. I’m not sure I could do it again. They were really comfy though. It wasnt only a spice girl thing though (just so everyone knows) I wore them as my school shoes when I was trying to be ALT.I hope things like this do come back cause it seems now that everyone dresses the same across all age groups – there are no massive youth movements, noone wears clothes that piss off their parents anymore. Its got really boring – I’m a secondary teacher and I havent seen anything that shocks me yet.

  8. I used to go to the Buffalo store for multiple extended visits each time I was in Camden market, I covered a pair so intently. If THESE had existed, I think I’d have lived on their footstool.

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