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I've analysed the impact of the web on young designers, boshed out a few RAFW interviews for Dazed Digital, mosied through some conference calls in my pyjamas, struggled with time zones since coming back on Australia and today, I'm flying off to Singapore for the Blueprint tradeshow and then to Tokyo for ten days afterwards.  All in all it's been a confuzzling week of attempting to re-pack my suitcase at 2pm, falling asleep on my laptop at 5pm, waking up to repeats of Peep Show, craving bacon sandwiches at 3am and then being woken up by builders and birds (the animal…not the female specimens) at 12noon.      Therefore I'm allowing myself to be mind-numbingly literal and didactic to the point where I may as well shove in a cartoonish star shape inserted with Hot Tips somewhere on this post (actually please shoot me should I ever begin to offer 'hot style tips' of any sort on this blog…). 

Today, kids I'm writing about mixed PRINTS and CLOGS. 


That's it? 

Where's the hidden pie chart?  Where's the big conclusion?  Where's the grand statement?  There'll be none of that.  What you see here separated by giant dotted lines are literally the prints that I've acquired on a scarily rapid place through my Down Under visit and err… my trio of clogs that I've also acquired through travelling.  I never thought I'd see the day where I'd possess a TRIO of clogs.  They're not even really clogs in the high fashion category, which has spawned a slew of fantastical 'clog-like' shoes that are as far from the Swedish classic comfort shoe (or the Dutch traditional form for that matter…) as can be.  In fact these are all the comfy Swedish-derived sort that are friendly on the feet and do much to temper the mountains of prints that will mostly be going into my Singapore/Tokyo suitcase in the hope that on the other side of the world, it will all make sense…


HmhasbeensThere's something weirdly retro about this Uniqlo UT shirt that I picked out for UniqLooks.  With thermal vest-type fabric and the little camels printed all over it, I'm pretty sure I may have had a button-up onesie like this when I was a baby.  I'm not recollecting that from memory, just from hazy sepia-coloured photographs.  In a similar sepia-visioned vein, I bunged it over the crazy house print shirt that actually has turned out to be my most hardworkng shirt this year.  Blame it on the 70s wing collar.  The first of the clogs are the inevitable H&M x Hasbeens wedges which are still very much available.  I like collabs that don't involve painful queues and ticket systems and this quiet one is a pretty good match resulting in a pair of summer shoes that have already clopped a lot of pavement when I was in Australia. 


(Uniqlo UT camel-printed t-shirt, vintage house-print shirt, old Topshop quilted floral skirt, H&M x Hasbeens clogs)


Zanita1This is an intentional assault on the eyes.  Even as I shrugged on the print overloaded quilted jacket, I imagined there'd be a secret fashion police official storming in on me yelling "You're under arrest!  For attempting to blind the public with your mixed print arsenal!"  That didn't happen so I persisted and gunned for the vague instinct, that somewhere in amongst this mess of emeralds, leopard, florals, paisley and Japanoiserie-style print, the tones somehow tie it all together, weight down by gold and black patent clogsZanita is a model/photographer/blogger – ah the most a la mode of hybrids – and she has got impeccable style.  She's teamed up with Funkis, which I gather is an Australian-based company that makes Swedish/Scandinvian influenced products, to create a collection of clogs.  See Funkis for Zanita's less print-painful styling of them but at the very least I'd like to vouch for their super comfy fit and give Zanita props for making gold patent work in a shoe. 


(Vintage mixed print quilted jacket, Limedrop emerald print shirt, Marc Jacobs trousers, Zanita x Funkis gold and black patent clogs)


Zanita2I was pretty blessed in Sydney with thank-you treats from Aussie labels Something Else and Secret Squirrel here, that means I have a few things to help me cope with simultaneous thundery rain and 30 degrees + weather.  I'm not going to deny there is something reminiscent of a 40-something-year-old, 'ethnic' jewellery-wearing, 'funky' spectacled gallerist or art teacher about this outfit.  Especially when you factor in the gallerist's requisite pair of comfy but distinctive footwear, again courtesy of Zanita x Funkis clogs.  Perhaps that is where my destiny lies.  I'll be consulting Advanced Style for more options.  Who cares about the pension plan?  What I'm wearing when people start to offer to carry my shopping or help me cross the road is more important.  Wait… will young uns' still do that thirty years time…

What a fine way to start a trip with that in mind…


(Something Else by Natalie Woods printed robe, Secret Squirrel printed tunic, Topshop Unique trousers, Zanita x Funkis white clogs)

34 Replies to “Prints and Clogs”

  1. I’d just like to say how fabulous your blogs been recently! I’ve been feeling like I’m sort of stuck in a bit of a style rut at the minute and your blog’s acting as a constant source of inspiration for me to try new things and combinations of pieces that I’d never even thought about! Keep up the good work and please never ever ever stop blogging!
    Rosie, 19 from Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, UK.

  2. I need those H&M Hasbeens in my life right now. Didn’t even know they had done a collab, to be honest I don’t usually pay attention to H&M for some reason. Thanks for posting, may have found some new shoe loves

  3. I love the H & M ones mosttttttttt and that camel top is adorable 🙂
    BTW ARE YOU REALLY COMING TO SINGAPORE! Omg!!!! I hope I see you!!!!!

  4. I LOVE this blog post! so creative, bold and fearless – loving the heavy mix of prints and the Zanita for Funkis clogs! Your top with the little camels is adorable, you really suit these looks! I don’t think the fashion police will have any negative comments about them! 😉
    x Lauren

  5. I absolutely love these outfits! Especially the one with the robe thingy. I don’t own any clogs but this post was a convincing reason to buy a pair.

  6. The gold and black clogs look great! The others aren’t anything special, but you make them look good!

  7. Zanita’s pairs are great! Bet they are so comfy too. Bumped into someone (actually in a shop you introduced me to on here- The vintage shop on Hollway Road!) and commented on her great clogs. They were by Torpatoffeln and half the price of Swedish Hasbeens!

  8. Hi Susie!
    Love the way you wore your Something Else by Natalie Wood Polynesian-print dress as a kimono jacket of sorts, and mixed it with so many other beautiful printed pieces.
    We featured this look on our blog here
    Electric sekki is the Asian representative for Something Else by Natalie wood, as well as over 30+ more international brands. We are based in Hong Kong and everyone at the office just loves your style!
    If you’re ever in town, we’d love to invite you in for a look around. For you, our door is always open!

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