Cutting down Poppies

>> It grieved me at the time when I last talked about Tall Poppy Syndrome in regards to the success of Aussie biggie Zimmermann, with stores all over Australia and a plethora of biggie stockists worldwide.  Then shamefully, I found myself stupidly contradicting my own words.  The dawning conclusion by the end of the first day of RAFW was that I liked the S/S 12 show a lot… actually I liked it immensely.  Yet, the feeling that kept clouding my head was that I felt bad for liking it because *scrunches my face and cowers in shame* Zimmermann are a brand that are pretty much at the top of their game and that with their resources in comparison to the smaller labels that are showing at RAFW, it stands to reason that the show would be a slick affair. BOOM.  What's that if not bedgruding a brand for their success? 

This weird guilt for liking the collection later pettered out into an petty bit of conversation between the two halves of my brain (you'd be surprised how many of these I have in the course of a day…).  I AM allowed to like a label that is obviously successful for a reason and it boils down to my wanting to roll around an actual poppy field in these clothes that fused beautiful cut-out lacework (there's been a lot of that at RAFW incidentally), watercolour florals and other textures that have echos of Little House on the Prarie…

There is one thing that I'll retain from my self-contradicting post last year and that is that it's a shame that the swimwear at Zimmermann exceeds the clothes in terms of stockists.  We can all do with pretty clothes that aren't necessarily simpering… that's my final thought.  No buts, ifs and hesitations…just a wholly justified like. 











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  1. as an australian i can honestly say i have never heard anyone sass zimmerman in a tall poppy sort of way. on the other hand i have never known anyone who has purchased anything from the label except for a swimsuit.

  2. dont stress , as long as one has the two brain arguement executing – it is ok to voice naughty things and revoke them in haste as brain part two kicks into overdrive.
    It looks like a stunning collection that first image – amazing neckline!!!

  3. I don’t think many of their pieces other then swimsuits are that accessible even in Sydney, except in really imposing concept stores that nobody appears to be in, usually located somewhere really remote and hip. There was a dress I wanted to buy a couple of seasons ago, but I gave up after their list of stockist sent me to one too many high-end surf shops. That said, this is a great collection– I always read your posts on Australian Fashion week, you shed light on the nature of Australian fashion which can often be… unappealing to a Sydneysider like myself.

  4. What a collection. Looks so modern while still being pretty and quaint – a combination that few houses get right!
    Massive fan, Susie!

  5. oh my… it’s always hard to tell what’ll happen in the future, and i always feel like fashion is so relative and things change so it’s impossible to not contradict yourself every now and then.
    gorgeous collection, i love the panlleing and the lace… gorgeous

  6. I love love loveeeee Zimmerman! Always have and always will! There is something about Zimmerman that i’m drawn to and can search through a whole rack of amazing Australian designers but always come out with a Zimmerman piece!

  7. This is one of my favorite designers. Thanks so much for featuring Zimmerman!
    No one here in the States seems to have heard of the brand before, but I’m obsessed. Wish they had a store in NYC still!

  8. Their collections go from strength to strength, they epitomize the Australian summer style with their always gorgeous must have florals, colour palettes and easy to wear yet beautiful designs. I hardly think anyone could give them any flack for being successful after a lot of hard work for the past 20 years in a cut throat industry.
    As for trying to finding their clothing pieces other than swimwear available, I’ve never had a problem at all. They have many stand alone stores throughout Australia as well as being well stocked in David Jones and also have stockist internationally… if all that fails there is always the online store!

  9. I do like the weirdo oversized lace cut outs (don’t know what to call them) that feel like a modern tapestry, but some of it also seems out of place/confused…

  10. It’s collections like these that are fun and feminine but also experimental that make me wish I were a designer. I think many of these pieces could translate well into something more wearable.

  11. Not wearable on the street?? I guess it depends on what street you’re wearing them on…. I would totally wear them on the street!
    also… susie have you heard of black milk?? I’m sure you have… and if you do come to brisbane to check out blonde venus next time you are here, go meet the designer james.
    He had a pair of lovely white lace leggings a la image 4th from the bottom (tight, of course… being leggings…) and he has a huge cult following… check the black milk clothing page out on facebook.
    If you HAVE heard of bm, then never mind I shall go away now 😀

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