>> I've just landed into Sydney so I haven't done some sort of killer teleportation move where I can transport myself to balcony and back in a flash.  It would have been a smooth-as-you-like flight had I not stupidly lost my glasses on the flight to Hong Kong for the transfer.  Now I'm slightly poo-ing myself that my eyes will burn and burst with blood vessel goop everywhere because I've overworn my contact lenses.  That's err‚Ķ entirely medically possible right?

Still, I plod on with my eyes burning up to bring a bit of matchy matchyness, which started off with a pair of Toga printed trousers that were yielded in the insanely good Feathers Easter Sale, a once-a-year affair where past season stock is hauled out for a megal sale and I get happy seeing prices thrice marked with a thick red marker. 



The trousers then needed to be joined by an old House of Holland t-shirt and a vintage Rodier jacket and this Rodbjer open-top sun visor which i distinctly remember from the show, wondering whether they would actually go into production or not.  bStore in London saw the sense in a collapsible open-top visor, which is how I procured it.  The fun isn't just in the wearing.  It's the collapsing of it into a figure of eight that can yield at least two minutes of distraction. 




The not-so matchy but wonderfully comfy open-toe boots with cowboy metal plates by Miista, a mid-priced new shoe label that handily has an e-store now


When my glasses were still with me on the plane, I had some time to meander about with Photoshop paying homage to Toga's S/S 11 season of flocked leopard print, which I'm grateful that Feathers and LN-CC in London stock quite extensively… 

(Collage pics used from left to right, top to bottom Glen Luchford for V65, Jalou Archives, Niki Pilkington illustration, 10 Magazine A/W 10)

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  1. that´s so cool, the sun visor, it looks great in you and your outfit, so creative!

  2. Kit says:

    OMG Susie, over-wearing contacts is still possible just squirt plenty of lubricated eye drops!!!! I use my daily contacts as monthly even though they’re made from the same material.

  3. tanya says:

    im not even a fan of leopard print but love the way Toga has used it Ps. Welcome to Sydney! Glad our weather’s brought out some sunshine for you 🙂

  4. Shini says:

    Yes, about that contact lens thing, not to scare you or anything but if you have them on for too long your eyes will burn medium rare and then you won’t even need colour contacts.
    You need to show me that visor thing, kinda has that FBI badge flip effect, which is like, SO AWESOME.

  5. january says:

    i’m in LOVE with those boots!!
    january, x

  6. Whitney says:

    Amazing outfit! Love the pants and the boots.

  7. Joy says:

    Love the print and shoes! I want to travel so badly 🙁

  8. Goodness, I love the sketch of the leopard print!

  9. Hurray for animalprints!!! I never get tired of it 😀

  10. Hi from across the ditch in New Zealand.
    Those are some fierce animal prints. It’s all about how you wear them. Love the collapsible visor too – great idea.

  11. Great traveling outfit!

  12. Glad you landed safely; looking forward to your updates from Fashion Week 🙂

  13. Kazuko says:

    you look absolutely amazing! especially love your pants and the boots (oh yes, the pants are really cool in every detail.)

  14. SACRAMENTO says:

    Fabulous, Susie!!

  15. Lee Oliveira says:

    Welcome to Sydney, I will see you at RAFW tomorrow.
    Lee x

  16. bittersweet says:

    I really love your outfit, great job! And have a nice time in Sydney, I would like to visit Sydney myself one day 🙂

  17. Evana says:

    Have fun in Sydney honey, but prepare to be disappointed with the new Zara, doesn’t come close to overseas ones!

  18. those shoes are so great!! my feet are in love.
    have fun in aus xx

  19. I would sell my damn soul for a pair of pants like these!!

  20. Jasmin says:

    I totally loooove this outfit!!! Amzing combination & gorgeous “hat” 🙂

  21. Megan Guernsey says:

    Watch out for sharks! I hear they’re “Suckers” for fashion!

  22. lyrebirdgully says:

    Welcome back to Sydney, Susie!

  23. Robin says:

    What a fantastic hat! Nothing like combining style with convenience.

  24. Can’t believe the Rodebjer hat went into production! Need to get ahold of one myself!

  25. That has got to be the coolest hat ever, even better than those at the royal wedding! lol

  26. David Diaz says:

    I love the colors! The outfit is totally gorgeous! 😀

  27. pinkbijou says:

    Orignial outfit! and original blog!

  28. Sarah says:

    Gorgeous outfit, enjoy yourself in Sydney.

  29. melissa says:

    that sun visor thing is….. interesting to say the least

  30. Susie, you are a total VISION!!!!!!!!!!! Love your colors, that teal print is totally obbbsessive! And that Rodebjer hat is soooooooooo hot, and sooo cool how it fits!!! We did our GenArt fashion show with them around 2006!! They are soooo incredible and talented and sweeet–love them!!!
    kisses and happy SUNDAY babe
    xoThe Beckerman Girls

  31. Love the hat! Totally in style! And the whole outfit, the mix-matching of the multicolored ensemble is just perfect!

  32. Amazing outfit! I truly love the graphic print of the pants and the details.

  33. Mulika says:

    I am really trying to cultivate a non-jealous state of mind today but your beyond covet-able print trousers are not helping.
    p.s hope you sort the glasses situation out pronto – I have felt that pain and the redness stays for a LONG time!

  34. WOW you look amazing!! Love that pants big time!
    xo Charlotte

  35. Amy says:

    One of the best outfits you have posted this year! ABSOLUTELY EXCELLENT! You look great! 🙂

  36. you are such a fantastic dresser with a ton of edge. i found you through Lee’s blog and i just wanted to say that i adore your style!

  37. a la mode says:

    That sun visor is a truly awesome idea!

  38. Beautiful outfit and the color of the hats are really awesome , nice collections buddy keep-it up , thanks for sharing

  39. TLO says:

    LOVE the cool fold-out hat. BRILLIANT! Thanks for sharing!

  40. Gorgeous hat. so pretty Susie!

  41. fab hat and jeans! <3

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