Can you keep a secret?


>> I might be in Tokyo but I've got eyes and ears firmly on London and even though I know my choice would still lie with awesome ramen, riDONCulous shopping and all that goes with the city of Tokyo, I did get a little twinge when I realised I'd be missing the opening of Topshop's 'Secret' Store that launched in the Oxford Street store in London and in the one in New York.  The product is also all online which means it isn't such a 'secret' afterall but the beauty of this two-week long pop-up space is that the physical stores get to create a fantastical space where the point is to look like the exact opposite of a normal Topshop store.  I wouldn't have been able to report on this were it not for this set of amazing images courtesy of the wonderful photographer Saga Sig, who was kind enough to go down last night to the space to take all of these beautiful pics for me to soak up on the other side of the world.  I gather that you enter a florist curated by Meadham Kirchhoff (if they ever had their own store, can you just imagine what a phantasmagorical delight that would be…?) and then through a 'secret' door, you hap upon a selection of treasure trove pieces all created in limited editions.  Topshop's website explains it all but everything seems to be a highlight as I discovered through these pics. 

Seeing it in person when I get back to London will be the final nail in the spending coffin and I'm itching to get back before these luscious blooms fade away in two weeks time when the secret door disappears… 





Nasir Mazhar's Spanish head crowns encrusted with lace, pom poms and jewels and geoemtric hair combs that blend the traditional with something more cartoonish and might be the perfect touch to frame my growing top knot…





Meadham Kirchhoff's stack of bangles that are sold in a set and meant to be worn ALL at once… I like this enforced 'pile-it-on' policy…


Michael Van Der Ham's velvet wedges that come in two shades of blue to match the abundance of velvet in his A/W 11-12 collection…




Emma Cook does tattoo print bras and knickers as well as a long sleeved body that lifts elements of past prints she's done…


Maria Francesca Pepe has taken cue from her A/W 11-12 alphabet jewellery range and has done a set of letters spelling LOVE for you to pin onto a grey jersey vest or hang off a chain…or you can err…spell VOLE… if you're into rodents…


Pamela Love's collection for Topshop lauched a couple of weeks ago but of course sits beautifully in a space like this…



In addition Topshop Boutique have also created a separate selection of pieces that will be limited in numbers including a lot of antique looking lawn dresses, broderie anglaise and the sort of 'forest girl' type attire that I've actually been seeing a LOT of in Tokyo at the moment…




I'm also happy to find that New York knitwear designer Tom Scott gets a prominent presence in the Secret Store with some of his S/S 11 pieces in at the moment…




Leave it to Louise Gray to fit perfectly into the setting of friends Meadham Kircchoff's fluoro, lurid florist…


All photography by Saga Sig