Magic Milin


>> The abundance of playful cuteness that comes out of Thailand doesn't seem to want to stop at the likes of Disaya and Sretsis who have made an international impact.  From seeing a strong Thai contingent at Sinapore's Blueprint tradeshow last week, I've briefly cooed over the brand Greyhound and now it's time for more prolonged cooing over Milin.  Milin Yuvacharuskul aka Mimi for simplicity (yes, I'm one of those dumbasses that truly looks perplexed when I see a Thai name because of fear of incorrect pronounciation) graduated from Central Saint Martins in Fashion Design BA and after styling and design experience in London and New York, she moved back to Bangkok to start Milin together with design team members Guarboon Chuanboon and Puchong Nilratana. 

As opposed to trying to remember long names though the thing about Milin and in a way, similar to a few of the other Thai brands that have surfaced to international prominence is the potent combination of prettiness that isn't overly sugar-coated, reasonable price points and useful wearability.  Yup, these clothes are made for spending quite a flirty balmy day in and for the S/S 11 collection 'Sense and Sensibility', Milin seeks to delve into a dream world that is translated into a palette of colours that do make you want to waft away into a candy floss cloud filled spaced (wearing these clothes of course‚Ķ).  The colours run through the day starting with light blue skies to sunset pinks and oranges and then ending with stormy grey skies and a starry night scape and the resulting prints were created by using various digital photography modes, adjusting focus, shutter speed and exposure.  With the ever-popular exposed upper midriff parrallelogram shapes, the super flared out pleated skirts and the longer skirts and wide-legged trousers to balance out the flesh-baring tops, it has slotted right into the sort of summer dressing that I now realise that I finally crave after experiencing balmy Singapore.  


















I've luckily come away with a memorable touch from the collection in the form of these platform heels that come adorned with pale blue pleated criss-crossing straps that swing about like pony tails at the back of your heels, putting some Milin magic on my feet that will hopefully make few taxing steps in the months of July and August when I plan on taking more elongated breathers…