Leather Polka Dots and Spare Studs

Valentinoezine>> On a rare and spare afternoon during New York Fashion Week back in February I popped over to sheeny shiny Valentino HQ to film/check-out/coo over the Valentino S/S 11 collection for Elle x Valentino's EZine featuring Leandra of The Man Repeller and Catherine of Red Carpet Fashion AwardsThere's a bit of e-shop link-up clicking, some video action where the three of us are doing some awkward on-camera laughter/talking that in the end didn't need to be feigned because it IS actually fun to hang out in showrooms dawdling about in amidst fashion week. 

Unabashedly feminine is what I said of the S/S 11 collection which is still the very case but what I didn't realise until I saw the clothes were the fabrication details that gives another dimension to what could just be another simperingly girlish/ruffled dress, which I suppose is the balancing act that duo Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pier Paolo Piccioli have been trying to master since they took over the reins at Valentino. 



The dress here that was wearing in the video, in a white 'lace', is a coated organza with a lace print paired with real lace underneath…


All the better for close-up fabric shots…


The polka dot and ditzy daisy appliques were actually made out of leather and a lot of the dresses were trimmed in leather, slightly twisting a flounced 3/4 length sleeved dress with a dainty ribbon around the waist…


Of course accessories have been the duo's strong point for quite a few seasons now, and lately they seem to know when to say STOP with studs, limiting the studcount to five of them on a handy handle…



More scanty stud activity here on this iPhone/card carrier that prompts me to once again downsize handbag activity further down to phone and debit card and not much else… (can offload the keys and lipbalm to Steve…)




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  1. That white dress with the daisy applique of sorts is divine and to know that they used leather on it as well makes it even better. I also love the iPhone case, not that I have one, but could actually see myself using it now. I’ve been going out sans the extremely oversized life carrier and opting for a wallet or clutch and it has been an easier transition that I thought. Would love to try out one of these babies..

  2. Hi, can i ask where does the pink fluffy dress/long skit that you wore(photo)in the mag come from? Do u have a previous blog on it?
    It’s look like s dream come true. 🙂

  3. i absolutely love that valentino dress with the itty bitty flowers and puffy sleeves.
    elle fanning wore that in a magazine shoot and it looked beautiful on her!

  4. The dress at the front of that rack you photographed is one of my favourites. It’s so beautiful and so simple, yet epitomizes what the Valentino brand is now. I’m glad to have finally found a picture of it up close.

  5. That black and white dress is now my favourite dress of all time – I think I saw it first in Agyness’ desert Vogue editorial and instantly loved it. I really really wish it was within the realms of reality to save up for it. I agree with the person above who says the leather details make it even more amazing.

  6. Not my shape, but you look great. On one’s own, I would pitch whole piece down a spot bit.But that’s just in the flesh preference
    I absolutely fondness the look. Precipitous, perceptive, polished, if a little fashion up(nothing sinful with that), something I would wear .

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