Earn Your Stripes


Uniqlostripe It was hard to resist getting a Uniqlo striped polo shirt in this particular stripe.  Too many conontations to dole out, but on a personal level this particular stripe is tinged with photo album sepia for me, with all the menfolk in my family, from my dad to my grandpa, once photographed whilst sporting this specific sort of stripy polo in the 70s, posing in front of the Eiffel Tower or proudly next to their banged up vehicle of choice.  I have no idea why this stripe (and I tried very hard to find a specific name for it other than irregular/multi-coloured stripe) has '70s dad' written all over it but there you go and for that reason alone in a tighter fit, I had to give it a bash for Uniqlooks

Of course, a stripy polo in dress form will forever be tied with Margot Tenenbaum in The Royal Tenenbaums.  How many posts exist, dedicated to the lone pairing of said polo dress with fur coat and hair barrette and those sad kohl-lined eyes?  A telling sign would be that a quick Google search yields not just images of Gwyneth Paltrow in the film but also countless illustrations and Halloween costume efforts to portray Margot…


On to more recent films, the polo shirt also picked up nuances of the spritely and notably adorable wardrobe of the character Midori in the Anh Hung Tran film adapation of the Haruki Murakami novel Norwegian Wood, portrayed by model/actress Kiko Mizuhara.  Barrettes, stripy shirts, primary colours and a blend of preppy and mod-ish ensembles flood Midori's wardrobe, which plays a part consecrating Midori as the upbeat and teasing distraction for the male protagonist Watanabe.   





As a further bit of inspirational eye-candy, Kiko Misuhara also features as AnotherMag's January digital cover styled by Katie Shillingford wearing Hussein Chalayan's S/S 11 Sakoku collection, photographed fittingly by Lina Scheynius



I'm unlikely to do 70s poppy/preppy as well as Midori in the film does but I do love picking out the hues of the stripes in the polo shirt to place into a three-skirted ensemble.  Yes, my version of preppy involves wearing three skirts all at once… go figure…





(Uniqlo striped polo shirt, As Know As De Base green pocketed wrap skirt, Anna Heylen blue pleated cape worn as a half-skirt, Sophia Kokosalaki white pleated miniskirt underneath, Dolce & Gabbana Animalier sunglasses, Peter Jensen hiking wedges from Goodhood)

Leather Polka Dots and Spare Studs


Valentinoezine>> On a rare and spare afternoon during New York Fashion Week back in February I popped over to sheeny shiny Valentino HQ to film/check-out/coo over the Valentino S/S 11 collection for Elle x Valentino's EZine featuring Leandra of The Man Repeller and Catherine of Red Carpet Fashion AwardsThere's a bit of e-shop link-up clicking, some video action where the three of us are doing some awkward on-camera laughter/talking that in the end didn't need to be feigned because it IS actually fun to hang out in showrooms dawdling about in amidst fashion week. 

Unabashedly feminine is what I said of the S/S 11 collection which is still the very case but what I didn't realise until I saw the clothes were the fabrication details that gives another dimension to what could just be another simperingly girlish/ruffled dress, which I suppose is the balancing act that duo Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pier Paolo Piccioli have been trying to master since they took over the reins at Valentino. 



The dress here that was wearing in the video, in a white 'lace', is a coated organza with a lace print paired with real lace underneath…


All the better for close-up fabric shots…


The polka dot and ditzy daisy appliques were actually made out of leather and a lot of the dresses were trimmed in leather, slightly twisting a flounced 3/4 length sleeved dress with a dainty ribbon around the waist…


Of course accessories have been the duo's strong point for quite a few seasons now, and lately they seem to know when to say STOP with studs, limiting the studcount to five of them on a handy handle…



More scanty stud activity here on this iPhone/card carrier that prompts me to once again downsize handbag activity further down to phone and debit card and not much else… (can offload the keys and lipbalm to Steve…)