Swinging it Around

The reasons for my reposting an outfit that has actually been on the blog before are as follows…

a) I needed to tell you that this pic was taken in the corridor of my hotel in Milan, the Brunelleschi aka as a 70s/80s retro haven where smoked glass, sponge effect wallpaper and plastic jacuzzi tubs live on.  I've found my Milan go-to hotel…

b) I needed to expand on the Sarah Frances Kuhn DSLR camera strap that I briefly mentioned in my D&G window post (a video on everyone's window dress up antics is up…)



Yes, fashion bloggers have mostly become a DLSR toting bunch.  How else to get that streestyle photo pre-requisite amount of blurry DOF in the background of pics to make the main subject seem sharper but to get ye yourself a shiny DSLR with a decent lens…?  Well, I haven't figured out how to use a camera properly but I'll tote one around anyhow and Sarah Frances Kuhn, previously Teen Vogue's accessories editor, has been making camera straps for a while in collaboration with Dana Lorenz of Fallon, and both have embarked on a blogger series of straps designing ones for the likes of Facehunter, Phil Oh of Streetpeeper and Tommy Ton of Jak and Jil… and err non-streetstyle me who carries around a DSLR for jokes.  I picked out the leather for the strap and the fabric to be interwoven with the chain and here it is in its polka dot and pale pink glory. 


I was thinking affixing it to the camera and swinging it about wouldn't be 100% secure but with a few knots and a metal toggle, all is fine.  I believe there are different toggles for different cameras depending on the weight of it. 


I had it on during Milan to test it out and got quite a few people asking about it proving just how lacking DSLR's are in the accessorising department.  Yes, cameras need cute outfits too…

Picture 12 Hanneli

Oh, and if you're not a DSLR-er, the straps can also be used with a variety of cameras should you need a strap for your err… Boots disposable camera…?


Now what leather whizz will whip up some amazing leather cases that will fit zoom lenses and fixed 30mm/50mm ones….? 

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  1. I was soo tempted after talking to Phil during LFW but kinda scard the chain would bump into the body and create dent/scratches… How does it look in that aspect?

  2. Oh my! Am running, not walking to Sarah Kune’s blog/website! I absolutely hate the strap on my dslr, and this is infinitely brilliant! Thanks for sharing Susie!

  3. Brilliant! It’s about time to embrace the fact that DSLRs are here to stay and fashion bloggers need to flaunt those with pride πŸ˜‰

  4. Is that an Arnsdorf trench? Very sweet outfit. As superfluous as it sounds, I think I need one of those DSLR straps though I’d also be scared about it scratching the lens.

  5. I’d never seen these fancy camera straps until I saw you carrying them around, they’re really nice…especially compared to my one which screams CANON CANON. I’m vegetarian though so need to find a leather alternative! Thanks for always posting such cute new things πŸ™‚

  6. Now I should be loving that camera strap but I’m very uneasy about it and not completely clear as to why. Maybe it’s the idea of the thick chain around my precious can’t-afford-to-replace equipment. And I guess I don’t see my DSLR as an accessory.
    But I don’t mind seeing that outfit again. πŸ™‚

  7. You know what? This strap looks farrrr sturdier than the strap that came with my dslr. Which btw snapped after only a few wears!? Terrible! Oh and I’m making a bag for my camera this semester. If it doesn’t look too terrible I may even post it.

  8. I am a photographer and I would never chain metal on to my camera. Fashionable, yes maybe, yet why would I compromise damaging my camera, the thing I earn my money with, for fashion?

  9. To answer Elina/Shini’s questions, I have another question, why would the chain be coming into contact with the camera body? I hang the chain around my neck and when I lift up the camera, I’m holding onto the body and part of the chain?
    When I hang the camera on one shoulder (like when I’m on the go…) then the camera is suspended from the chain and again, not touching the chain…
    A bit confused here…
    Unless I take the chain off my neck very hastily which I can’t anyway because the camera body is too heavy for me to just fling it about, then I don’t see how the chain would come into contact with the body in a way that would damage the camera…?
    Am I missing something here? What wild and violent movements do people do when using their camera? That said, I am of course an amateur so I’m not a professional… so perhaps others can enlighten me as to the risks of the straps…

  10. Hmmm, that shazam was for the coolness of the camera strap, and outfit. Not the dialogue about the strap. Not that I don’t like dialogues. I guess I let me cameras go pretty naked.

  11. It won’t do any damage when the chain is round your neck and shoulder, what Shini meant was what if you place the camera in a bag with chain strap all mooshing, moving and shoving around in the bag….just a question whether it would cause any scratches esp on LCD screen. Camera body is precious.

  12. i made a strap for my camera already :))
    i cover the camera when its in the bag so the chain wont damage or scratch it, but when i hav the strap i rarely put the camera in my bag anyway. so, its not the prob for me.

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