Stuff n’ Dump

>> Example illustrating why I'm a stuff n' dumper when it comes to my bags?  Even when I'm carrying seemingly non-scruffy bags – Mulberry, Miu Miu etc – my methods of stuffing them to the brim, flinging them about, dumping them on the floor means that in Moscow, where in well-to-do restaurants, the waiters actually bring little mini-stools for ladies to rest their handbags on, they take one look at my stuffed n' dumped bags and decide that the stools would be wasted on me.  The floor is good enough.  I also got punished the other night as a friend on our dinner table spilt coke all over the Mulberry.  S'all good though.  It dried immediately.   My friend was surprised at how calm and UN-freaked out I was over the spillage. 

With this careless attitude and possibility of handbag calamities in mind, I look upon New York-based bag label Thomas IV, designed by Lia Cinquegrano as definite stuffing n' dumping vessels.  That's not an insult to the bags by the by.  There's a discernable and prominent amount of 'slouch' in the bags and in particular the bucket shape has an interesting structure to it, with plenty of pockets to stuff Tic Tacs, receipts and pound coins in (three things that I often find months later nestled into the depths of my bags…).  The muddy colours, Ikat weaving only add to the cosy and approachable qualities of the bags in this A/W 11-12 collection.  No sharp edges, studs, hard clasps that could knock into you.  Instead you have subtle but eye-catching colour combinations, tactile fabrics and ultimately bags that look like they can take a fair bit of a battering and will look all the better after they've been abused a bit…






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  1. I can’t believe you bag collection! So exspensive.
    I am going to transition to bookbags and satchels from here on out. Designer bookbags/knapsacks are worth it.

  2. they’re fantastic, and they look so sturdy! my mum had a bag like this once, but it’s fading fast with wear and tear. These might be a good replacement 😀

  3. Aahahha I love your hilarious comments and way of looking at life and things and how you mix work, fashion and life ina cool relaxed way…No more FB button?? I loved to share your links on FB 🙁

  4. really cool!
    btw, SIX Magazine will be launch on the 24th March at the incredible tropical garden room at the Barbican centre, London.

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