>> I have to head out for a mountain of a day… that includes a slew of press days, getting a mother's day gift and oddball tasks such as trying to find glue for a giant plastic monkey (don't ask…) and DJing for an hour (again, don't ask…) so please forgive the last of the fashion week outfit filler post that well is REALLY filler-ish given that Paris Fashion Week has been over for a few weeks now.  The point here is to demonstrate how matchy-matchy my dressing tendancies have become even when I thought I wasn't a matchy-matchy person…

I'm even *gasp* matching handbag to shoe… next thing you'll know, I'll be going to my drycleaners dying shoes to match bags and dress and underwear (I love watching women in drycleaners giving VERY specific dye instructions…)  

(Eudon Choi Jacket, vintage camel jacket, vintage shirt, Wonderment orange collar, David Koma for Topshop skirt and belt, H&M tights, vintage Robert Clergerie shoes, See by Chloe bag, Mysuelly bag)


(Vintage jacket, Louise Gray shirt, Marc Jacobs skirt, Alexander Wang clutch, Prada flats, Sou Brette necklace, Topshop Unique sunglasses in both outfits)

IMG_0040(Streetstyle photos by Phil Oh of Street Peeper)

Shows that stood out at Cycles and Seasons could depressingly be measured by the amount of photographers present and whether some weird dude from MTV Russia popped up or not to shove a mic in my face asking me about "T.R.E.N.D.S".  In an event where there were only seven shows the name that were on everyone's lips were predictably the ones that were worth looking into properly.  Vika Gazinskaya's face and image might precede her design work but fronting and physically embodying your own collection is no bad thing in Vika's case. 

(P.S. This was about as dressed down as I'll probably ever see her but you should know by now that I have a pretty unhealthy relationship with grey marl sweaters so I was even more eager to give her a hug…)

I was hoping I'd get to see her studio to see how she worked as I saw her sketch books in Paris last September, and I loved the way she referenced things and how that infiltrated her work where ostensibly, you never really see any overly literal images.  However she unfortunately came down with a bit of post-show illin' so I never got to really investigate her work properly in Moscow but thankfully after rushing backstage, I salvaged my photos somewhat (rotten luck at the show showered me with a broken SD card and poor lighting) of her A/W 11-12 collection that was faithful to that perfection of line and silhouette that Vika is so adept at. The flared out skater peplum over a skirt or a dress was the leitmotiv of the collection along with cuffs of sleeves that flared out as well as a clean-cut take on a fishtail dress.  It could have looked like there were flared-out lines for the sake of creating shape but it worked because of Vika's precision with the fabrics that she used ensuring nothing was rumpled or out of place. 



IMG_9308 IMG_9307



This perfection of line can be somewhat intimidating but then she bought in other elements which softened or 'blurred' the vision a little, which I welcomed with open arms.  This print for example was made to look like a felt tip pen had been drawn directly onto calico rendering these dresses something like an evolved take on 'form' dresses, the basic beginnings of a piece normally made out of calico or any other cheap plain fabric.  I don't think this material was actually calico but the illusion of it was pretty convincing…    



Vika also injected this astroturf-like texture which for a tactile fiend like me was a little smear of heaven only because it made those lines less rigid and formed a suitable contrast point to the grey wool flared-out jackets and hooded coats.  Anything resembling Muppets costume in a controlled measure is bound to yield good things, plus I love the idea of a Russian woman's fur turning green and faux for one season…





I dug these out from last season's pics but I loved her mahussive sketchbook where she has been documenting her references, shows, invitation designs etc from past seasons…




Yes this is indeed… a SOAP BUBBLE dress… sadly I feel only Vika not my Bubbly self could pull this piece off..


Here's a sketch of THAT famous bit of Vika Gazinskaya headgear that graced Hanneli's head and was reblogged over and over..


The current S/S 11 collection is also forthcoming with perfect lines albeit with a curvier edge and perhaps silhouettes that would appear challenging to many people.  Razor sharp knife pleats in a skirt, bulbous leg o'mutton sleeves, shirt rompers that end in elasticated knickers and super jumpsuits with flared out legs are not for those that fear extreme shapes.  I'm intrigued by the idea of these extremities made a reality and for me, the challenging qualities of her work seem to represent two fingers up at the legions of "easy-to-wear" clothes that we are confronted with day in day out which is always a cause for a WHOOP in my books…


Vikass2 Vikass3


Vikass5 Vikass6

Whitejacket >> Another week, another batch of photos for Uniqlooks featuring this time a pair of boyfriend fit chino trews that means a set of looks that sees Simple Susie at play.  That's simple outfits, not err… simple as in depeletion of brain cells though the cold chill in Moscow very nearly stripped back a few layers of cells.  I blame the image to the left which I snapped from a moodboard of a friend.  I've no clue where it's from or what it's depicting but I am quite taken with the notion of a perfect white jacket to smarten up the chino trousers (by the by speaking of brain cell depletion, does anyone else hear Chino and think Ryan "I like white vests, I do" Atwood?).

I may have also subconsciously fallen prey to emulating my mother as she also had a penchant for smart white blazers back in the day before baby vom and nappy smears sullied her wardrobe.  

A jacket from Monki which despite its low low price seems to have the perfect loose-fit and has been worn in a multitude of ways of late.  I also like buttoning it up to wear as a top (two layers of Heat Tech underneath solves the problem of a goosebump-covered chest). 



(Worn with Uniqlo boyfriend fit chino trousers, Topshop Unique shoes, vintage waistcoat)

On the other end of the scale, this beautiful draped white jacket/top (no closure at the front but there's a zip at the side) by Hussein Chalayan which I picked up at the sample sale yesterday instantly makes me want to strip back everything to a mere black polo neck.  Mother will be proud.  The polo neck is incidentally a body (yes I regularly wear bodies now and yes, it's still 1993) by Danish label Popupshop who make inexpensive organic bamboo or organic cotton material.  I have quite a few sets of their underwear and bodywear that wash really well and go into the category of undies that I'm always happy to see when they come out of the machine, as opposed to the sad dishevelled ones that have seen better days. 



(Worn with Uniqlo boyfriend fit chino trousers, Anastasia Radevich shoes, Pop-Up Shop polo neck body)

>> My head space got a little bit invaded and clogged up towards the end of my Moscow trip for reasons I won't reveal here and whilst I've still got a ton of Moscow-related posts to go up, I thought I'd go with a light hearted respite that centres around an unexpected pair of shoes from young footwear designer Anastasia Radevich.  I've been getting a fair bit of wear out of her furry sculpted heel booties that requires quite specific weather conditions lest they get rained/snowed/sleeted upon (Moscow was NOT the place to be stepping out in them…).  Now I have another reason to make sure I spell her name 100% correctly when people ask what shoes I'm wearing as Anastasia was stupendously kind enough to send me a surprise  – a pair of embroidered grey suede clogs that were made as a one-off and inspired by my "character and style".  The quotation marks there are important because I find it chortlingly hilarious that anyone would be arsed to create a pair of shoes inspired by me in any way…

I'm not going to chortle too much though and instead, I'll just say a big fat THANK YOU because I did take one look at them and go "Me LOOOOOOOVES!" in an inane and childish way when I opened up the box prior to reading the accompanying note from Anastasia and finding out about the source of inspiration.  I've been a bit stuck on wearing them in one particular way, tried and tested in Paris first…


…and then again back at home.  The shoes don't seem to want to part ways with a pair of Ayame socks from Koshka because of their similar colour schemes and likewise, a Whistles full length leather skirt in seal grey and a Louis Vuitton jacket (scored as a freebie through a friend!) have also become additional partners in crime.  Suffice to say, when it all comes together and when my eyes stop at my feet to look at the socks bleeding into the embroidery of the shoes, I can't help but beam like a crazy woman.  Where I'm normally huffing and puffing my way through Paris Fashion Week, I think on the day that I first wore these shoes, I skipped across the Place de la Concorde, saying something like "My my!  The sun is out!  Isn't it LOVELY?" garnering furrowed eyebrow looks from friends because people of my generation in the 21st century don't say "My my!" nor do they use the word "Lovely" nearly enough.    


(Louis Vuitton lilac jacket, Louise Gray shirt, Whistles grey leather skirt, Ayame socks, Anastasia Radevich shoes)

This is a sketchbook page that Anastasia sent through illustrating the choice to have coloured doodles play riot on a background of grey which perhaps is a summation of the dichotomy between my love of plain grey jersey and grey pieces versus the cacophony of prints and colours in my wardrobe.  I can't quite make sense of the doodles but I'm not sure I'm supposed to.  RANDOM is a word I use excessively afterall…  

Sketch Style Bubble