>> The Mulberry S/S 11 film featuring campaign images shot by Tim Walker landing in my inbox this morning reminded me that I really need to get to the bottom of Walker's release of his 20 minute film The Lost Explorer which got a fancy industry-only premiere in September courtesy of Mulberry.  But when will it actually be out for everyone to see and ooh and aah over?  Ever since his announcement to venture into film, his stills seen regularly in British Vogue and campaign work such as the little video above, have all become an elongated pictorial tease, as to what his film work COULD be like.  It's said he's also set to make a feature length film based on Iain Bank's The Wasp Factory.  I'd settle for a limited independent release of The Lost Explorer to get Walker's film director ball rolling…

Anyone who can offer up any insider information is more than welcome to comment!


Tim walker1
(Stills from The Lost Explorer)

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  1. winnsome says:

    yeah i know!! i was totally expecting to at least see it on the web somewhere illegally – what happened to it? If you find out be sure to tell. It seems strange that he isn’t promoting himself more if he’s doing a feature film but maybe he’s playing hard to get so everyone goes hyper…

  2. salomé says:

    Love the video ;D
    whoopies pie here: http://magmoiselle.fr

  3. Ruby says:

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  4. edoardo says:

    I lvoe fashion film and this one is great!

  5. margief says:

    this is a good little film isnt it. i will be so interested to see the mysterious film

  6. Edith Gomes says:

    Uauu, this picture is very crazy…haha I’m your fan!

  7. Edith Gomes says:

    Uauu, this picture is very crazy…haha I’m your fan!

  8. Ellie says:

    I have been searching and searching and searching for it for months. going mad!!!

  9. Amy Creyer says:

    Love love love Lindsey Wixson. I agree, we the fashion public need to see this film.

  10. This is sounds like an interesting short film!

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