>> I should really be recapping shows rather than little trinket tidbits but if I'm honest, I've got some simmering thoughts on what has been a bit of an odd season – thoughts that are best left articulated back in London when I'm not par example, ravenously hungry in a Marais apartment. In addition to lookbooks, press releases, discs and other fashion week paraphernalia, I've gathered up a fair bit of trinkets to lug home with me on the Eurostar adding an extra kilo to what is already a busting-at-the-seams suitcase.  Most would be inclined to chuck it all away but I'm a hoarder to the core, a stuff accumulator that in later life will probably have me indited as a crazy bag lady who needs to be sent to a special home asap…

So we have here a Carven denim rosette pin that was given at the show which I've spotted on a few people and a strange Sylvanian Family-style mirror that was given at the Undercover show (pleasingly it is actually a mirror and not that crap sticky back plastic mirror-effect stuff…) sitting on top of the Celine inspiration book that every guest gets.  Sadly photos of the contents of the book are strictly forbidden…


There's a few invites I'm keeping – the Dior one for obvious reasons and the lovely blue-velvet backed Dries Van Noten one just for the texture.  Underneath is a beautiful black leather Delvaux envelope embossed with my initials that joins a lovely little credit card holder (also initialled) that I got last season.  Oh, and Phil and I had a photo booth moment – except the flashes were going so fast we couldn't quite get the hang of it.  Still, that's EUR2 well spent…


Another invite for keepsies is the Louis Vuitton black perspex one that came with a leather monogrammed tassel as a pertinent reminder of what was a stellar show.  Then the Miu Miu show seating block which is too light to be a paperweight but could perhaps be used to stick post-its on…


Kenzo's Mexican-vibed skeleton mask is also a keeper.  That takes the fashion week masks up to a count of two – including Mulberry's fox one.  I want to wear it with real flowers in the hair.  Then there's a useful Louise Gray iPhone holder that I got at the BFC showroom… no iPhone of course but perhaps I'll rectify that when I get rid of the Blackberry that only seems to be able to function on two hours of battery life. 


Dropping by the Florence Deschamps showroom, I picked up a silk scarf by Hermione de Paula printed with an image from her A/W 11-12 lookbook – needs to be sewn onto a t-shirt me thinks.  Then jewellery designer Heaven Tanudiredja gave me a necklace that goes right off the sparkly richter scale and must be treated with care with transporting. 


If I end up having any sprogs of my own, I wonder if they'll appreciate this strange fashion week trosseau…?  Or will they in fact be carting me off to the aforementioned home and declaring all this "a pile of crap"?

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  1. SACRAMENTO says:

    The kenzo one is the best by far.

  2. january says:

    love the little mirror. you’re right i can definitely picture it in the house of some lightly felted mini rabbits. 🙂
    i’m such a hoarder as well. if i had such lovely mementos from things, i probably wouldn’t have room to move in my flat!
    january, x

  3. sarah says:

    it’s def not a pile of crap! it’s all beautiful and the invites are really awesome. thanks for sharing them!
    Enter my giveaway!

  4. october B says:

    Oh I’ll be your sprog, I want the fashion week crap!
    There is nothing wrong with hoarding, you could get one of those box frames and display your treasures for all to see!

  5. Felicia says:

    I love the Louis Vuitton invite so much!!

  6. Katerina says:

    i’m jealous…reallyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy………..

  7. A] says:

    Love the photo booth strip of you and phil, I always find the fact you can take more then one picture in the american photo booths so exciting :L <3 xoxo Abby

  8. Stacey McEntire says:

    kenzo– amazing.

  9. If you were ever taken to a home, the world would be rather colorless. Think of Yayoi Kusama, she wanted to be in a home yet her work is so amazing!

  10. If you were ever taken to a home, the world would be rather colorless. Think of Yayoi Kusama, she wanted to be in a home yet her work is so amazing!

  11. And where will you be keeping all these gathered fashion week memorabilia? I’m especially interested in that Undercover Mirror, I can’t believe you remember Sylvanian Families! I had an otter family that lived in a narrow boat (and My parents still were shocked when I came out?!)…

  12. David says:

    All those fashion week memories are so cute! & Hopefully your bag doesn’t overload too much to the point you have to throw away some stuff. Love your blog!
    Have a Good Day!

  13. Anna says:

    I love the mask invites!
    handmade jewelry

  14. The Kenzo invite is definitely my favorite. I think that when you see this type of attention to detail extended throughout all aspects of a brand’s image, you know that the creatives are in charge of the company rather than the suits.

  15. I see many hours of playing dress up with that mask!

  16. oscar says:

    Love the Mexican Mast invite!!! So cute.

  17. Kawaiicph says:

    ‚ô•‚ô•‚ô• Little pink mirror -so cute!

  18. shabby says:

    How jealous am I! You have quite the collection there. What shows DIDN’T you go to this season?! 😛 I’m a packrat myself, you should see my unused collection of fabric scraps and things that are always there ‘just in case.’
    xx shabby

  19. shabby says:

    I just saw that you tweeted that you’ve seen 160 shows this season. WHAT?! How do you survive that? Is this a record breaker for you or what?
    xx shabby

  20. Emily says:

    there is a really good book about fashion show invites and look books… you should check it out…

  21. Holly Rose says:

    I love the mexican Kenzo mask, what amazing designer gifties! Thanks for sharing:) x

  22. Fashion show invitations are such lovely souvenirs.

  23. Amy says:

    I got this book Emily mentioned. It got some amazing invites in it. Also Kenzo.

  24. MilitaryWear says:

    Sexy, sophisticated, tough, coquettish…military style goes the distance!

  25. dont you feel great when you see your name at the invitations? jealous..

  26. Ashleigh says:

    i often wonder what my future children will make of all my stuff in 20 years time…i like to imagine a daughter wearing it and saying ‘this is mummy’s Vintage Christopher Kane circa 2008!’…..thenagain…maybe I’ll hide the Kane!!

  27. harlow says:

    Crazy for the Kenzo Skeleton Mask – so pretty!

  28. I love that kenzo mask invites. the design is so cute.

  29. Kaila says:

    I didn’t realize that the invites to the shows were such amazing keepsakes!!

  30. calla says:

    the kenzo mask beats them all for sure!

  31. cathy says:

    that mirror… i would like that please O:)

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