If a naked baby wrapped up in a Louis Vuitton scarf isn't quite enough to convince you that scarves worn in a multitude of ways is supposedly 'back' (did it ever go away?) then I'm not sure what will.  This is yet another snap from the new issue of Elle Collections which conveniently leads me onto another scarf label that only adds fuel to making 'scarfy' a concrete adjective.  Vassilisa designed by Nadja Solovieva joins labels such as Forget me Not and Lousada Heyhoe who all have independent scarfing tendancies, allowing their imaginations to run wild on a 90 x 90cm silk (sometimes cashmere) square. 


Vassilisa is derived from the Russian fairytale Vassilisa the Beautiful, a tale I'm not aware of but after a quick glance at its Wikipedia page, I would love to know more given that there are beautiful illustrations to be enjoyed.  The name is a clue to the label's inspirations of Russian folklore and heritage that has played into Vassilisa's past collections which have consisted of skirts, dresses and kaftans but now primarily concentrates on silk scarves. 


I think this is Solovieva's BA collection from Central Saint Martins entitled 'Tzarina' and it's this influence from Russian history and certain stereotypes that are most intriguing.  I've noticed a couple of other labels joining Vassilisa in their quest to revive and reinterpret certain Russian folkloric details such as Vilshenko and Russy Valenki, both of which I've written about in the past.  It's that old chestnut – "One is an accident, two is a coincidence, and three is a trend"… oh dear, here I go with typical fash-speak again… 

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Vassilisa's S/S 11 scarf collection is perhaps not obviousy Russian its designs but the fairytale DNA of Vassilisa's signature style is maintained by the inclusion of frogs, deer, dragons and hearts as motifs in the designs – all have varying levels of presence in Disney films which of course makes them instantly MAGICAL.  That's magical said in the manner of those annoying kids in the Disneyland adverts.  "It's simply MAGICAL!".  The illustrations are mixed with candy cane colours and then counterbalanced with a  dose of monochrome graphics to lessen the sacharrine levels.  If tying a scarf around your chocha (Daddy Likey – come back!) in the style of a nappy/diaper isn't your thing, then Vassilisa's lookbook images here show a plethora of ways to get scarfy.  I've still yet to master the nonchalent loose drape around the neck without the scarf blowing away in the wind but I do like the smaller sizes available for neat neckerchiefing. 



DragonsPink FrogsGiant


HeartsBeigeHead WristDrape

HeartsLavender HankerchiefNeckTie


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  1. AWW! That baby looks super cute!!

  2. Kira Lilly says:

    These scarves are beautiful! i want one! 🙂
    my fashion blog

  3. Leonidas says:

    vassilisa in greek means queen.. and it is a fantastic collection

  4. SACRAMENTO says:

    You bring so much inspiration and info.
    Forever thankful.
    Looking forward to Monkey tv tomorrow.

  5. Neda says:

    I think the highlight of this post is going to be the (adorable!) baby, wrapped in a louis vuitton scarf; Lets face it, it isn’t something you come across daily…i’d definatelty be tempted to see mothers carrying their young new-borns in designer scarfs, you know, from an indignant ‘fashion’ perspective. On the less elusive/wonderous side, the Vissilisa label is beautiful; love the prints and patterns; as all, the selective controls you can behold; i think this season in fashion is going to bring a lot of surprises…and maybe even worries. X Neda X

  6. susie_bubble says:

    Leonidas: Thanks for the insight! Lovely word for ‘Queen’ – can we call Queen E, Vassilisa Elizabeth instead?

  7. callahan says:

    I love scarfs they are so versatile, i even like them wrapped round round the wrist like in one of the images. And I loved that ‘fash-talk’ haha, one a mistake, two a coincidence and three a trend. i like it! x

  8. safra says:

    this is an interesting post. i’ve got a few scarfs,preferably for my hair. but if i am tie it around my neck, i always lean towards the smaller understated scarves, like my vintage Givenchy. but then again, i only own one silk scarf that i’d use in that matter anyway.

  9. Kaye Beeh says:

    Hmm the many different ways to wear a scarf. stunning.

  10. Rossella says:

    wow love the scarves they are great
    let me know your thoughts on my new blog entry

  11. Lovely scarfs!
    xo thefashionguitar

  12. michelle says:

    i love scarves for spring esp.
    daily new post at

  13. Liane says:

    I love the scarves – been swooning over those and the Vassilisa skirts on CoutureLab.

  14. Anna says:

    THe scarves are great!! love them!

  15. Natalie says:

    Her peices are so beautiful.
    You can find her collection to purchase on CoutureLab.com

  16. beautiful scarves.

  17. Elena Lapteva says:

    Nadja’s creations are unique, stylish and timeless!
    Elena Lapteva, http://www.newstyle-mag.com

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