The Couple Shot

>> I know Valentine’s Day has passed and everyone probably doesn’t want to see another heart, rose or chocolate (actually I take that back…) again but yesterday above being Valentine’s day was my other half Steve‘s birthday.  Gushing over him here would be the limit.  Therefore I give you a shot that is handily fashion related and expresses my gratitude to have found a guy who is up for wearing a jumper that says “Havin’ a Bubble” – a Cockney rhyming slang to mean “having a laugh”.  My cousin Elizabeth Lau shot her A/W 11-12 collection with Jackie Dixon of Show Me Your Wardrobe in a collaboration that asked bloggers, girls-about-town and Elizabeth’s friends to ‘Show Me Your Elizabeth Lau’ – i.e. wear Elizabeth’s pieces in their own way.  So we have the cheesy couple shot, one that has eluded Steve and I, for four years because we don’t actually have our photograph taken together that often except when we’re messing about with old film cameras.  Elizabeth will be putting together a newsletter/lookbook/zine-y thing to compile these photos together and peeps at London Fashion Week will laugh at how cheesy and teethy these smiles at… “You havin’ a bubble?”  “Yes I am!”

(With Celine shirt, Topshop pleated pinafore, Tabio socks and shoes that were Elizabeth’s own)

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  1. So sweet! It must be fun to get to collaborate with family. Congrats to Elizabeth on her collection, I’m having a look at the rest of the photos and the sweater dress with the face is super cute!

  2. I’m going to be the eighth person to use the word “Adorable” to describe the two of you, because there just isn’t any other word that will do. Best couple photo ever!

  3. dear susie
    i’ve been following your blog for a while with great interest and have been inspired and amused in equal measure. loving this picture of you and your beau and think it’s just precious.. what prompted me to finally comment on a post is that i think it’s great that you have a fella who clearly adores your fashion fearlessness – i’ve been criticised in the past for dressing oddly and not hot-maneating-vixen enough but no fear, i’m sticking to my men-repelling ways:)
    happy chinese valentine’s day:P

  4. Jen: Whilst I adore the Man Repeller – I do hope that people take her words with a pinch of salt… that she ISN’T actually saying that turbans, harem pants and what not are going to send every man into fits of repulsion.
    If you have to to constantly worry about whether the way you dress is ‘man-eating’ enough, then I reckon anyone you end up with is just not the right person anyway… that is, unless you do like dressing in a sexy man eating sort of way… in which case, go right ahead!
    Just saying… just do what you want…

  5. Awwww, you and Steve look so happy! (and very well-dressed, but that is secondary)
    Happy (belated) Valentine’s, both of you!

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