>> There's a lot of exclamation and over-excitement happening on my desktop with folders pertaining to two-three days of New York Fashion Week stuff queuing up to go up.  I'm trying to calm it all down by saying that even though it may feel like I want to rip off cosy hooded parkas, oversized knits and padded jackets from the runway to put them on now, it's going to be a fairly long wait before any of it even starts to remotely hit stores.  Plus, there's a good six months to ponder all of this. 

I'll try and be accordingly timely where possible but in the meantime, what does need to go up now that won't be relevant in a few months time because of the abundance of knits (hopefully we're not in for a below zero summer but you never know…) are some FW outfit filler.   

People seem to think I've been freezing my arse off when really, it's the foundation layered combination of a COS cashmere long sleeved t-shirt plus two layers of Uniqlo Heat Tech that have done the trick.  This is shameless outfit vanity as a giant coat obscuring clothes just wasn't what I had in mind especially since it's so mild in London.  The snow seen here in this photo by Phil Oh for Vogue.com will hopefully be melting away as New York climbs out of its frigidaire conditions. 

(Prada jumper, vintage skirt, vintage shirt, Tabio socks, black tights, Stella McCartney shoes, Mulberry bag)

The Westway Gentleman's Club, the venue for ComplexGeometries' A/W 11-12 presentation provided the perfect seedy shade of pink to saturate this pic with where I added a pink bow bolo tie by I Heart Norwegian Wood made out of reclaimed leather. 


Another method that worked was containing the heat in my head thanks to the Verdel turban…

(Photo by Phil Oh of Street PeeperVerdel knitted turban, Krystof Stroznya jacket, vintage shirt, Maria Francesca Pepe necklace, Monki belt, vintage Ralph Lauren sequinned trousers, Michael Angel x Manolo Blahnik shoes, Mulberry bag)

(Photo by Tommy Ton for Style.com)

The story behind these trousers and the trousers themselves have been not so well-received on my Glamour's Y&P post but I don't think I've ever had so many people ask me about one piece of clothing in a singular day going along the lines of…

X: What are they?

Me: They're vintage Ralph Lauren!

X: Shut up!/No way!/Whaaaaa?


I've also had been learning how to tell time using clockfaces (no numbers!) again through these Liberty fabric knot watches, the bigger one giving me New York time and the smaller one on London time… the candy string was an add-on yesterday from the Rachel Antonoff presentation as an emergency sugar fix.  


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  1. Sumo says:

    your turban is lush
    and those vintage trousers are amazing and daring

  2. Cute pants! So colorful!

  3. ottavia says:

    Love the two watch, liberty prints are amazing, also for suitcase! I saw the sell it and i’m fall in love!

  4. The turban, the pants, the double watch… the whole look!
    Just incredible…
    PS you look great with straight hair
    PS2 totally agree on Jason Wu’s collections

  5. Moms everywhere would be proud of your turban choice…”You lose almost half your body heat through your head you know”…
    Aside from the warmth factor, the outfit looks wonderful and you already know how I feel about your printed trousers collection!

  6. michelle says:

    love the second look so much 🙂
    -Michelle (female solo artist in Korea)

  7. dreamy says:

    Well you do look awesome. And therefor completely right to layer under rather than over!

  8. Naomi Marie says:

    I think the trousers are great fun. Loving the two watches together, especially with the candy necklace!

  9. Alice says:

    I know this makes me seem so ridiculously out of things, but hell i’m going to say it anyway. My brain is finding it hard to contemplate NEXT YEAR’S winter when we are not even verging into spring yet. Thanks for keeping it ‘now’ in this post. My brain is starting to hurt…:)

  10. SACRAMENTO says:

    How o how I adore your outfits posts Susie, yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

  11. SACRAMENTO says:

    How o how I adore your outfit posts Susie, yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

  12. F says:

    I LOVE the turban look !!!! Literally love it ! Amazing !

  13. Only one word for the turban outfit WOW
    Love it absolutely!
    xo thefashionguitar.com

  14. Absolutely stunning!
    Love your hole outfits!

  15. S.P says:

    Aah, that look with the turban has to be added to my mental list of favourite Susie Bubble looks.
    strut mode

  16. perdi says:

    I SO need a turban now. Right now! And in every colour too…

  17. Caro says:

    J’adore ton pantalon tr√®s color√© et qu’est-ce que tu penses de √ßa http://cliff-lee.blogspot.com il y a des trucs sympa pour toi s√ªrement aussi

  18. amalie says:

    wow, great outfits! you have such an amazing style. i love your blue leah!

  19. Shini says:

    Hahaa that is such a great idea of two clocks showing two times, and it’s not minimal like 2-3hours difference in case you read the wrong clock…

  20. callahan says:

    i love love love, enough love? that knitted turban on you! x

  21. Right. Where do I start? Goals for 2011: Verdel knitted turban;Tabio socks; Liberty watch; styling lessons from Susie;some kick ass awesomeas hell pants a la those vintage Ralphs. Have I missed anything?

  22. pamplemousse says:

    magnifique style.

  23. Ella says:

    I am in love with the Verdel hat, but it is very expensive! I wonder if anyone makes one similar that doesn’t cost as much…

  24. vasilieva says:

    adore these looks, especially the sequin pants, beyond chic

  25. love these, so cute, especially the pink jumper in the first look x

  26. Shoe says:

    TWO layers of heattech?? I’m only wearing one and already it’s quite toasty. Then again, it has been mild in England, hasn’t it? I LOVE the outfit with the turban and your blue bag just pops!

  27. Ha says:

    That turban is amazing, and so are those printed trousers! I love them!

  28. chuck n. says:

    the young and posh (or whatever the lame name is) is such a ridiculous excuse for a site.
    you look great and i have so much respect for you and your always daring style.
    your tommy ton shot is sooooo the typical editor-looking-at-blackberry shot! congrats, hahaha!

  29. Marcia says:

    Darling, you make my heart beat fast!

  30. Rossella says:

    cool outfits
    let me know your thoughts on my new blog entry and follow me at:

  31. Brigadeiro says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE your Krystof Strozyna blazer! Uniqlo’s Heattech sounds brilliant, I hate having to wear too much in colder weather (even though I live in Australia, the body acclimatizes), so must get me some of these! 🙂

  32. phelanie says:

    I really wish I could tell time on a clockface watch… Love love love the turban!

  33. Monica says:

    i love how you always do pattern and color so well!

  34. cailin says:

    Like your style!if you want we can follow each other!!!kisses

  35. Sushi says:

    LOVE LOVE your sequin pants!! Wish I could find something like that…i’ll be wearing them 24×7!! I read the post on glamour and I am curious to know how much you paid for the sequin trousers!!

  36. Really not sure what the girls on Glamour were thinking but these pants are amazing!!! I’m still trying to digest that they are Ralph Lauren. I also love how you styled them with such a classic (and monotone) pairing by choosing simple pieces in one shade. Perfection!!!

  37. Emily says:

    that photo by Tommy Ton of you was one of my favorites when I was looking through his NYFW photos!

  38. Purple Heels says:

    It is amazing how vintage clothes can have the same vibrance as they have in the past. The Ralph Lauren vintage pants are to die for. The print is brilliantly laid out, timeless and ultimately chic.

  39. january says:

    those trousers are immense. loving them.
    and that turban: want/need. same thing? yes.
    january, x

  40. O says:

    you are fantastic

  41. Lisa says:

    I don’t why I don’t know how, but this outfit totally works.
    If I could rock it I so would!
    Any way, check out the site and blog that’s with my name- would love your comments on it too xx

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