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Steve is all over Andrew Bunney so much that the name crops up on five pages of search results on his blog.  In fact, he's so all over Bunney that I was initially put off from posting this.  Who is Andrew Bunney you ask?  Apart from having the best name in the world to faciliate shots such as the one below which will ALWAYS get chorus of "Awwwwwwww…." (I incidentally have a print of it in my house), he's also the man behind Bunney, a jewellery line of sorts that lays its foundations upon simplicity so much so that I'd call Bunney pieces objects rather than jewellery. 

Bunney-4 Studs


A trio of silver pyramid studs started Bunney off and has expanded to include different sizes, metals and finishes all bound by the aim to give the stud a completely different context precisely because when seen in singular form, it becomes something special again – a glint rather than a barrage of studs that have in recent times graced bags, jeans, jackets and become the hardware de rigeur for any person wanting to be awash in 'radness'.  As shown by Bunney's lookbook subjects (including the legendary Claire de Rouen) the studs come with the freedom to be worn as the wearer wishes – separated or united, on shirts, scarves, jackets, coats – and of course not relegated specific to either sex. 

Lookbook3-449x600 Lookbook4-449x600

Steve with his affection for all things Bunney immediately snapped up this trio of studs from Dover Street Market where they are stocked (also at colette) and examples of him wearing them can be seen here.


I have also latched on to the Bunney action given that it's the sort of no-brainer adornment that makes you feel like you're customising a coat or a jacket or a shirt when really you're just clipping on a few pins.  I'm trying to get my head around separating the three of them so I've had them on the lapel of my vintage trenchcoat which incidentally adds weight to it so that it doesn't flap about.  I can also assure you that they don't fall off either, a fear that has always come with a lot of vintage brooches with loose pins.  It's the subtle version of the studded trenches that Burberry have been proposing and will continue to do so when that heffer of a Burberry Bespoke site hits us this year with 16 million trench combos that will inevitably come with a ¬£¬£¬£ pricetag.  I'll therefore stick to these little precious metal glints and will look forward to other Bunney objects that allow me to play around with clothing adornment on an intimate and accessible level. 





I also had to reveal a little to what's going on underneath the trench – a cream lace shirt and white crochet shorts that have had me on outfit repeat since I bought them from The Shop on Cheshire Street…




28 Replies to “Stud On”

  1. That crochet blouse is heavenly. I found a similar blouse at H&M (only has a whiff of lace detailing around the neck and hem) but it has morphed into a second layer of skin.

  2. you look so lovely susie. the outfit is great- i’ve been looking for the perfect pair of crocheted shorts for a while- yours are great! and how great are them studs 😉 great way to make an simple outfit more unique.thanks for sharing
    happy weekend

  3. I do like the idea of a simple, instantaneous DIY. Though to be honest, I haven’t gotten tired of the crazy studdedness that’s been going on for the past however many seasons. I’m beginning to think I just never will. The colorful ones are lovely!

  4. Love the packaging for the studs! I also like how you can make a lace outfit have a little harder edge.

  5. idk, if they are more than 20$ ok, maybe 50, but if its more im going to scream. i would never buy something that i could make myself!
    the images are cool though.

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