I couldn't shake the thought out of my head in about the first ten looks of the Versus show today that Christopher Kane was shaping up to become the natural heir to the Versace design helm should Donatella decide to concentrate on just being the 100% endearingly OTT fashion persona that she is.  The exposed corset detailing worked into leather dresses, tailored so immaculately bringing a quietly seductive edge that distinctly contrasts with last season's playground ditzy floral-wearing girl.  It was rigorous to the point where it started to feel more like the muted foundations of a Versace collection rather than a Versus one (even if the tailoring did have its origins in an archive Versus piece…) 

Then the sparkle dust fell.  Into triangular geometric patterns, in purple, silver, turquoise and grey glitter that drew light on the body and probably was another texture resurrected from Kane's memories – another one of those pencil cases perhaps?  A cheapie glitter trainer that made up for not being from a sports brand by being sparkly?  A trinket from Claire's Accessories?  Glitter surface sticky back plastic that covered my excercise books?  Some dodgy t-shirt with glitter applique logos/motifs?  I'm just completely pulling them out of my own memory box here but I'll take that imagined bit of whimsy from this collection – the one element that pulls it back  to what I feel Versus is about – a sexy laugh that isn't too formidable and one that can afford to trip up a little, in a way that Lindsey Wixson did at the end of the catwalk today when she took her turn.












The shoes are the natural sparkly port of call that wouldn't be too shabby to trip up in…


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  1. the shoes are my favorite part!
    (even though the thought of wearing those heels myself makes me scared of heights)

  2. mll mag says:

    it’s so beautiful….. ;))

  3. ronja says:

    nice inspiration! 🙂

  4. Abby says:

    Amazing shoes and I love that jumpsuit. The triangle pattern is totally retro <3 xoxo Abby

  5. Gorgeous pics. I love the glitter.

  6. Nicola says:

    It’s so basic.. the geometry and the glitters, but so pretty and elegant. Loves it! xx

  7. Afra says:

    Amazing post, as always.

  8. edoardo says:

    I think that KAne is making wodnerful dresses for Versus, he relaunched the brand and I like mro ehis oclelction than the Donatella’s one for the following f/w.

  9. faye says:

    Finally a milan collection that I actually like. I love the glittered heels what a chic way of adding glitter to your outfit without suffering from glitter overload

  10. olive says:

    Love those heels, the colections are amazing too! 🙂

  11. Duck says:

    A solid but collection, but not as pretty as the last. It seems Mr Kane is feeling the dark and multicoloured glitter this season, given this and his own collection for Autumn…

  12. oscar says:

    Love this collection. Great photos Sussie!!!

  13. WPHOTOGRAPHY says:

    Wow I love the first dress !!

  14. Rossella says:

    love the glitter
    let me know your thoughts on my new blog entry and follow me at:

  15. canvas print says:

    Beautiful dresses, have to agree with Duck though – not as pretty as the last collection.

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