Warded Off

>>Alright, I'll just get it out of the way.  I am slightly creeped out by the oddly angled cat and the drawn on eyebrows which remind me of the ones that get painted onto Chinese Opera female singers (I used to have recurring nightmares about their faces for some reason…).  The banana, I can forgive seeing as we're supposedly going to have a banana shortage problem on our hands.

All of those minor niggles (pointed out only because it's 8am in the moring and sleep hasn't been removed from my eyes) swept aside and we have Kirsty Ward's S/S 11 collection debut that makes the spiel about her turning from jewellery design to ready to wear utterly unconvincing when the actual clothes are these structured entities that play with opacity and palette so beautifully.  The truth is that Kirsty Ward did study womenswear design and graduated in 2008 from Central Saint Martins MA.   After a one and a half year stint at Alberta Ferretti, she teamed up with David Longshaw to design his jewellery which was what got her noticed at the competition ITS9.  The mixture of mechanical and African or South American tribal elements in her jewellery makes for positive visual assault what with the unexpected combination of materials that she uses.  This is further emphasised in her jewellery for this S/S 11 collection here when the pastel palette of mint green and peach as well as flashes of red are thrown in. 

Whilst Ward did start the collection off by designing the jewellery off, this does not mean that the clothes became an afterthought, a mere backdrop to showcase her jewellery.  On the contrary, she presents some of the most interesting sheer/opaque formulae of the season – sheer double layered dresses, cut-out shirts, underskirts that peek out of solid dresses or coats – all very often worked into an interlocking formation that is also aided by the stiffened organza material that makes everything stand away from the body.  On top of that, comes the sparkle, though tinsel and beading only serve to add a sprinkling of embellishment as opposed to being a full-on glitterfest, which also manages not to jostle with the jewellery too much.  I don't particularly need to explain why it's all so very appealing to me I guess – sheer, pastels, tinsel and enough interesting deets to keep me occupied .  Taking another cue from the lookbook, the notion that I might be able to slip on my bulking headphones (my Urbanears white ones are serving me well…) to carry about my daily mundane routine with a seemingly decadent combo of a sheer shirt shimmying beading and a frothy peachy skirt is comfort to me indeed… 












To acknowledge my slowness in getting Kirsty's work out there, I direct you to Topshop Inside Out's lengthy interview with the lovely Kirsty to find out more about this striking debut as well as to Fashion 156's blog post about her pending A/W 11 collection which involves old ladies and chairs, as part of their excellent series of tracking young London designers before they present their A/W 11 collections in Februrary. 

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21 Replies to “Warded Off”

  1. Fashion trends are changing with the passage of time and due to severe competition, new and innovative designs are coming in marekt and costomer of today is more satisfied than before.

  2. I must say, looking at some of these dresses it’s as if she designed them just for you! Or at least, the you you were maybe 6 months ago?

  3. I totally understand what mean about the cat (I think she is squeezing it… haha) and the drawn on ‘Chinese Opera female singer’ eyebrows… nevertheless, the photos are beautyful and the designs amazing. Especially the see-through is so nice… love it!
    Thanks for always sharing the ‘not mainstream’ stuff. Your blog is amazing, and so are you!

  4. I agree with you about the eyebrows, they were not needed.
    The clothes are beautiful though, definite Bubblewear.

  5. Thanks for getting more info out there about another talented young designer.
    Have you been to the work in progress show at the RCA? Would love to hear your write up of it if you do attend. There is some wonderful work there.

  6. Susie, thanks for the comment today!!! You TOTALLY Rock TOO and love your mix of EVERYTHING always A+++wesomeness put together= PERFECTION…is that even English? haha..who cares!!! This lookbook really has a girly, dark vibe to it…the construction ot those pieced skirts, beaded tops, cuddly kitties, soft color palette, kick ass necklaces and arched eyebrows are all INCREDIBLE!!! HAppy HAppy FRIDAY babe!!! MWAH
    xooxBeckerman Girlios

  7. That’s a beautiful collection. I agree the make-up is a bit distracting, and eerie. The second dress actually looks very wearable.
    My Heart Blogged

  8. I am loving the clothes even more than the jewelry. The sheer and the lace and the cut-outs…amazingness. Feminine and pretty but with a subtle, distinct edge.
    I’m usually a big fan of sparkles/sequins/all around *RAzzLe-DaZzLe* but most of her strongest pieces are the ones without any of these particular bells and whistles IMO.
    Another great post Susie! I’m a big fan 🙂

  9. I have to second the commenter above… the eyebrows rock!
    I did a little post on Kirsty Ward the other day, with a a couple of little sketches, I mentioned you as well, I would love it if you had a little look 🙂
    Also, I’m not sure if I ever showed you this,but I drew a picture of you a couple of months back for a project on bloggers.I think I was waiting to finish it but I never did quite get it done, so here it is:
    It’s a bit rough but I hope you like it!!

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