The Hills Are Alive Again

I don't want to say it's killing me that Prada's S/S 10 satin postcard prints are on Yoox and I can't quite bring myself to fork over the dough despite the discounted prices.  I have a no killing policy on the blog – as in "Oh my god, she killed it with those shoes!", or "Those prints are KILLING me!".  Instead I'll take the long-winded route and say it's 'gravely injuring me' that postcard Prada can't be mine. 

Its indirect/direct influences has trickled down to a few unexpected and in the first two cases, hugely texturised examples.  Instead of straight forward beaches though, alpine backdrops seem to be the postcard subject of choice for these designs.  Pauline Borca, a Paris-based textile artist has created a first formal S/S 11 collection that strictly speaking is still of the visual arts realm rather than a commercial collection.  All the better for Borca to create tapestry, cross-stitch and digital printing mixed media landscape montages that goes from Earth to the outer space (see site for the rest of collection).  I've honed in on these pictoresque hilly spaces complete with 3-D houses jutting out of pockets. 



Lu Flux's patchwork clothes continue to prevail for S/S 11 and again fits right neatly into my hilly observations with a collection entitled 'Over the Hills and Far Away'  The postcard vision is slightly abstracted in this instance with patchwork and chunky knits portraying ice-topped hills and lush greenery. 


On a less literal tangent, this shirt from Lu Flux's S/S 11 collection is exactly the sort of thing I'm on the hunt for… designated vintage/second hand shopping trips must be made to fill this embroidered shirt gap. 


Then comes the clunker.  This is from the S/S 11 Primark collection.  Hey – there's a milestone right there.  I don't think I've talked about Primark in the longest time.  Let the snob accusations fly but I swear to you it's the store on Oxford Street that is the main culprit here – it's just a very very scary place to enter at any time of the day.  The S/S 11 lookbook seems to be vast shift of direction for the chain and this dress in particular which apparently is due to go into stores at the end of this month at the sum of ¬£17 plays the most direct homage to Prada S/S 10 with the addition of a mountainous background that funnily enough makes a more appearling postcard scenario.  I'm still ' gravely injured' by the fact that Prada S/S 10 is unreachable but this surprise find might heal the injury ever so slightly. 


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  1. That Primark dress has to cross some form of copyright boundary!! Those prints were amazing though, oh the temptation…..On another note, Lu Flux’s stuff is beautiful!

  2. All of the handmade embroidery is SOOOO INCREDIbLe! I tried clicking on the postcard link, but it’s not there so they are probably sold out!!! Everything Prada does with textiles is sooo ahead and sooooo obbbsessive! We have the Prada book and I love looking at how they develop a textile from scratch with the new technology thats’s brilliant! Happy NEW YEAR susie!
    xoThe Beckerman Girls

  3. We are back to hand made craft and uniqueness, How magnificent, and how wonderful to have found you.
    Un abrazo from Andalucía (Spain)

  4. I just want to touch Borca’s collection. If I owned any of those pieces I’d definitely be running my hands over them all the time. So maybe it’s good that I don’t.

  5. Meep: I LOVE what you’ve done with the skirt‚Ķ! I may actually prefer your skirt to Borca’s embroidery‚Ķ
    Lovejaney: I’m sure it does‚Ķ not quite Zara proportion of copy-catting but still very very similar!
    Beckerman Girls: They had at least four or five pieces but some have sold already! Must check out that book…

  6. I absolutly adore this post, I love how you pick things up and then find other collections representing it. I love the patchwork effect, the texture is to K for. sorry. and I cant believe thats primark, still not sure if i can bring myself to run around in there. I’m strangely scared of it? might be worth it though x

  7. I really think the biggest problem people should have with Primark should be their poor child labour record. Which they are improving but has been appalling for years and the legacy of which should keep us ALL away.
    I love the patchwork stuff x

  8. You say the hills are alive, I say the mountains are alive! But unfortunately I live in Switzerland, and walking around with Michel Jordi inspired kitsch makes one seem a bit overly patriotic! Wearing all the gentians and edelweisses makes one easily resemble someone dancing in a folkloric group.. but especially the Primark interpretation of the theme is more avantgarde than the rest…especially the blazer!

  9. All of these clothing r so creative. If I owned any of those pieces I’d definitely be running my hands over them all the time. So maybe it’s good that I don’t.

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