>> Well, sady, Me Me Me continues as I have precisely five minutes to do a post before I have to head out again.  Fortunately Monki and Me are back with a new episode where I'm customising a Monki jumpsuit.  It has to be said that I perhaps needed a wee bit more time to tweak it, style it properly etc but I stand by my furry fabric decision considering it came together in about 45 minutes.  Always good to have a texture on you where you can say "Here, you can touch it if you want…"

You can also see some bits of me putting together the COS windows.  What you don't see is me wacking my head with the leg of one of the mannequins.  Visual merchandiser I am not…

Same time, different place, next week?  (I'll never tire of a good old fashioned TV presenting outro…)

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  1. Deborah says:

    i’m happy to follow you
    have a look if u like!

  2. Great!
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  3. renee says:

    really enjoyed the video!!!!!…love the feather work on the pockets!!!

  4. pema says:

    oh i loved the finished product susie! i want to be able to customize my clothes as well now. i’m a bit lazy though…

  5. Cristin says:

    It’s the first time I ever comment here, but I just had to say: Congratulations!!!!!
    Loved to see you “in action”, so to speak! You really are talented and unique!
    …and you sound as sweet as you look!
    Again Congratulations and keep it coming!…

  6. fun fun fun!! 😀

  7. Neda says:

    I’m kind of growing an obession with your channel on monki television :). Should i be worried?…On the less speculative side, I adored your contribuiton to the window displays at the COS stores…i loved the fact you found a way to incorporate the sense of art in its context…moodboard/collgae was a GREAT one, and i’m not saying that just because i have an mania with that too. X Neda X

  8. You’re very talented! Keep being creative and fun with your style cuz it’s what makes you unique 🙂

  9. Ece says:

    you are awesome! I really like your blog, it is very different.. keep it up girl 🙂

  10. SACRAMENTO says:

    I love, love your Monkey tv . I always look so forward to it.
    Fantastic my dear Susie.

  11. Anna says:

    Fantastic… You do a great job and very tv/photogenic …I applaud you!
    Ciao goodluck from Amsterdam Judith Anna

  12. Kira Lilly says:

    you are such an inspiration

  13. Yoshi says:

    You are great!
    I love the part at the end where you’re holding your strange silver shoes and you say something like, “So wrong that… maybe it’s right…”

  14. Strike a pose, strike a pose! – hee hee, you were so cute there, waving your mitts around 🙂

  15. Fashion Nerd says:

    This is such a cute an awesome blog.
    Fashion Nerd

  16. Julie says:

    Haha…love the scissors!!!!

  17. Jessica Ly says:

    love this!! Defo should become a permanent thing…

  18. just a music journalist says:

    You’re so unique – you inspired me to do my own thing with music reviews and jobs, no matter what the trends were. It goes like this: designers have their vision, the consumer has an aesthetic, magazines come up with guidelines if they can. Reading your blog for so long was like a vaccine against succumbing to indie music peer pressure! You’re amazing (and you validated a lot of my style choices over the years)!

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