Boyy oh Boyy

>> How well did you do in the sales?  Officially speaking, people were going a bit bonkers for the discounts and for once, I partook heavily both online and in person.  I thought Paris soldes, which start later than they do in the UK and US would reap me some bargainous benefits.  No such luck as clearly Parisians get an early start and diligently mine the sales in the first few days leaving barely anything after a week.  Yesterday though, after an afternoon tea meeting at Liberty, I wandered about the ground floor looking at the sad items on the tiny sales table left that are now 75% off.  When the items are hanging around in singular form on a little table, it's a little like a church jumble sale.  I also love it when tags have multiple crossing out of prices.  Makes the discount that much more prominent.

In the accessories section, I found this Boyy box chain-decked bag that is almost like a minaudi√®re because of its size but is made slightly more functional with a long chain strap.  I don't know too much about Boyy, the accessories label from New York other than when I see their logo, I get flashes of Boy London which has gone through a rollercoaster from cool to naff and back to cool again.  I gather it's fairly well-established but then again, what I know about bag labels is about the same as what I know about jeans – which is next to nothing.  This 'Yves' bag by Boyy of New York caught my eye last time I was in Liberty when it was hovering at the ¬£300 mark.  This time, at ¬£140, I couldn't resist – I mean there were four prices crossed out on the tag – hurrah for the power of the red biro pen.




Seeing as I've recently been able to free my hands of a handbag completely, thanks to a pair of Valentino x Gap combat trousers with its bazillion pockets in which I carry the tried and tested essentials (Oyster card, debit card, phone, lipbalm, keys and camera if needs be), I'm now in no fear of the tiniest of bags and this one is rather minute.  Just about everything fits in.  And I could always resort to a few pockets if needs be. 



On another note, I'm sure the amount of chanis, hardware and the overall 'rad/edgy/dark' feel of the bag will put naysayers off who are sick to their stomachs of well… anything 'rad/edgy/dark' or are the type to get sick of things very easily in the fickle nature of fashion.  Still, I'm not going to fight the desire if a little box bag dangling with chains and chainmail is floating my boat.  Even if I'm not myself remotely 'rad/edgy/dark'.   


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  1. I think the fact that your style is NOT ‘rad/edgy/dark’ is what makes the bag so perfect for you. It ends up having a victorian/vintage feel. Score one for Susie!

  2. I my goodness, the perfect bag for a blogger. What a chic way to keep your essentials (camera and Blackberry) well-protected. That is quite possibly the most original and gorgeous little bag I’ve ever seen. In the top photo it looks grey and I have to say I prefer a gunmetal hue as it softens and feminizes it even more. The black works just fine, however.

  3. SCORRRRRRRRRRRE!!! Susie, you scored…that red pen…gets our adrenalin going too…..the sales this year are BONKERS GOOD!!! That bag is a lil’ treasure chest of amazzzingness!!! Just LOVE IT!!! IT’s such a sexy bag..almost looks very flapper-ish with all the chains/fringe mixed with futuristic! We used to be obbbsessed with BOY LONDON too!!! FABBBB FIND!!! And HAPPY FRIDAY babe!
    xoThe Beckerman Girls

  4. Wow I am in love with this little bag, I am usually not a fan of small purses but this one rocks. I guess it’s all the details and funky adorns. never heard of the brand thought, but is that because I am from Vancouver, BC? lol
    great pick Sussie

  5. oh wow. The most beautiful chained treasure going. I have a simmering bag addiciton so this just stepped it up some more. I am completely in love with it- especially seeing it crammed with your cool things. Katie.x

  6. I really like the Slash calf I bag from Boyy, but the strap is a bit too thin and feminine for me. Now, if it were on sale, I could justify replacing the strap…

  7. Laura Connell: Very observant indeed! The leather does indeed have a gunmetal hue! So you were spot on!
    Beckerman Girls: You have to visit Sick if you’re ever in London – tons of vintage Boy London stuff!
    Callahan/Denisse: Yup, there’s no way I’d pay $725 for it!

  8. Rad/Edgy/Dark objects definitely float my boat and oh boyy does this bag. It simply makes a grand statement and you just can’t go wrong with chain embellishments. As for the amazing sales going on right now…I tend to do very well and I tend to wait till the very last week or so. Just last week I scored a gorgeous pair Balenciaga wonders from Spring 2010 at Barney’s big sale (the same pair Taylor Tomasi-Hill sported)!!! Posted the pics up on my blog…

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