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>> If I'm honest, I feel an inner pressure to monitor the 'Me Me Me' levels on the blog.  For instance, if I scroll down and start seeing ten images of myself blurring into one, I'll know the 'Me Me Me' gauge-ometer has shot right up.  During fashion week, this problem becomes even more loathesome, and hopefully I'll rectify it this time round by working round the clock and not dawdling about in a slovenly fashion. 

However, despite the spider-y lashes, the sculpted hair and the slightly smug upwards gaze, the focus ISN'T on 'Me Me Me' and in fact on 'MiMiMi Missoni!', in reference to the resort 2011 dress and stacked necklaces I'm wearing in this portrait for the 'Blogger's Beat' story in the Vogue Nippon's February 2011 issue, photographed by Mark Seliger and styled by Sissy Vian. 


Nope… it's definitely not my mug that's the subject of scrutiny but this weighty beaded beast of a dress that made me feel all the better for having an extra 1-2kg added on (no, it really was that heavy…).  You can't see but my arms were loaded up with bangles too which made me feel like a rather extreme Christmas Tree.  It's safe to say that stylist Sissy Vian instinctively knew that I was into the decorative. 

Missoniresort11 Missoniresort11_1


Vian kept emphasising that they wanted the portraits to be 'iconic'.  Any mere thought of myself touching that i word is a little bit bemusing but looking at the other portraits, I feel like Seliger has indeed shot some extremely potent and striking images of the other bloggers… (Todd Selby, Scott, Garance, Tommy Ton, Nadia, Tamu, Bryanboy, Denni, Hanneli – some are a little bit warped on that link I posted but I can't find any other scans out there…). 

Big up to the assistants who had to research every single blogger coming up with little facts and tidbits to create a moodboard…  the fact that I'm anything between the age of 22 to 28 out there on the internet must make researching a frustrating task. 


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  1. I feel the same about the whole, ‘Me, Me, Me’ aspect of blogging, that’s why I try to write about a mix of things (and squint when glancing through my own blog. That portrait of you is beautiful, and definitely worth wearing a heavy dress for.

  2. what a brilliant portrait of you, you look amazing! You don’t have to worry about the ‘Me Me Me’ when the result it’s this good 🙂

  3. what a brilliant portrait of you, you look amazing! You don’t have to worry about the ‘Me Me Me’ when the result it’s this good 🙂

  4. Fantastic colours and in that beaded dress. fantastic in Vogue japan. Ay Susie you are my inspiration…

  5. Ooooh I feel like the images suddenly take on a new meaning for me when you say that the stylist was going for “iconic”. It makes a lot of sense actually. The spider-y lashes are gorgeous and the hair is hysterical! Hopefully I’ll get my hands on an actual copy of the mag.

  6. Great photos – I never think of your blog as a vanity project because it’s well rounded. The beading on the dress is in-bloody-sane. I hope whoever made that still has their eyesight intact.

  7. I think they really succeeded in creating iconic images, that shoot is stunning! The dress is perfect for you as well. The photos of Todd Selby and Tommy are also AMAZING!

  8. you look absolutely stunning. and the missoni collection is really good this time. gorgeous dresses! oh, and the picture of all the accessories almost made me cry – that must have been like heaven (i see the pretty prada chain necklaces, and all those gorgeous, gorgeous cuffs…).

  9. So wonderful that you get to do those things now and work with such amazing people. That dress and the styling is amazing. They captured a great shot of you and you are definitely a worthy subject.

  10. Thanks for all the lovely comments on the shot…. all credit goes to Mark Seliger and Sissy Vian for sensing that I might have an affinity with heavy beading…
    Mochigirl: In reply to your question about personal style blogs, first off I want to say that I didn’t mean to say that personal style blogs are a bad thing at all! I only made the remark about the ‘me me me’ levels on MY blog because I never intended for the blog to be about ‘me me me’ in the beginning… for me I have to balance it out as I never want Style Bubble to look like I’m doing a ‘What I’m Wearing Today’ blog. I’m also very conscious about my talking about things that don’t necessarily interest a lot of people… like this shoot is not particularly relevant to anyone but me because I’m yipping for joy over how much I love it.
    That’s just my thoughts towards my own blog though. In general, I love a well-done personal style blog – the level of photography and layout now is so high that I find it astonishing that bloggers can devote their time to doing such elaborate set-ups and make it look so effortless on their blogs. I applaud it!

  11. hi susie i felt compelled to post something when i hardly ever do, though i always enjoy reading your blog. but took a sneaky peek at the rest of the portraits, and your picture was the ‘awesomest’ of all. really. even though it was balck and white i could feel the colour and warmth radiating through the picture.(coming off you and the fab dress you’re wearing, that model did not stand a chance)
    its brilliant. keep up the good work and continue to inspire us working in the dregs of grey trousers+black pumps land;)

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