I’m Neon Till I Die, I’m Neon Till I Die


I'm afraid to tell you that for one hour of the day, I defect towards the sports sections on BBC and Guardian to scour for any newsbites to do with Arsenal – I have indeed become the doting football fanatic's girlfriend prompted by the saying that 'If you can't beat them, join them' – it was afterall my fate seeing as I earnt a few ¬£¬£¬£ waitressing at Arsenal's old Highbury grounds when I was at uni.  Therefore it should come as no surprise that during the Christopher Kane show, this was knocking about in my head… I very nearly sang it out loud had it not been for decorum's sake…

"I'm neon till I die… I'm neon till I die… I know I am, I'm sure/swear I am, I'm NEON till I die…"

Listen to this snippet if football chanting isn't on your audio radar…

It all started off with these fat chunky markers.  I've been highlighting text since I was a small tot.  Nope, not because I was a child genius and read hefty research papers whilst watching Playdays, but because I went to Chinese school where using different highlighter colours to signify the various accents on characters was the norm.  I then progressed to adding a few more colours if I felt like being a bit fancier, but these are the core three – don't even want to think about how many packs I've gotten through over the years…


I'm pretty sure Christopher Kane didn't actually do what I did here and started defacing lovely black and white photographs of Princess Margaret but when the key phrase of the collection was "Princess Margaret on Acid", I couldn't help but do this just to see how the seemingly-demure-but-secretly-raucous Marge would look doused in neon…

It suits her I think…


Kane got it devastaingly spot on of course when he first sent a neon-filled S/S 07 collection and he affirmed it again for S/S 11 when he declared "Neon gets me going.  Every other color is so banal."  It wasn't a repetitive affirmation and after much thought, if anything, this particular neon slicked collection this time round is cut through with a host of other motifs and made up in fabrications and cuts that serve to counteract the hyper-hyper notion of neon.  I especially love these images here which I snapped in the showroom where distorted lines and colours are derived from a seemingly solid chunk of neon. 



So the tug and pull between the ladylike and acid-derived visions begins with an argyle twinset and perforated leather lace effect dress, purposely made to look like the sort of vinyl or oilcloths that you cover tables with – actually thinking back, what I should have done to make my mother's doily table cloth and PVC sheeting combo more exciting was perhaps to throw a vat of neon paint all over it – a complete imagined act of rebellion that would only live in my head and not in reality. 




Wouldn't it have been immensely cool to have seen Princess Margaret wearing neon box a pleat knee length skirt and neat jacket standing next to Queenie in her not so neon knee length skirt and neat jacket…



The lines on the lace dresses and pieces were the subtle seams at work to elevate what could have been a very flat lace dress.  Kudos to Kane for having the tenacity to find a neon lace supplier as apparently he had difficulting finding anything neon for the collection.



Luisaviaroma have got the first online dibs of these line-ridden lace dresses.  Why colour in white lace with a highlighter if you can afford the real thing eh?  Oh right, that's it – I may have to resort to doing the former…




I particularly like the contrast between the very neon-neon lines and the darker shade of green in the lace…


My only bugbear with this collection despite the triumphant chant that was going through my head resides in these tattoo printed dresses, derived from the tattoos seen on Yakuza (Japanese gangsters).  I'm not Japanese but sadly put any tattoo print that vaguely involves dragons, Kanji characters, lotus petals and florid lines on me in particular, and you get the Chinese version of a chavvy girl, that looks like she's been hanging out with her Triad boyfriend too much and also has a heavy addiction to the bleach bottle.  That's just the one singular complaint.  Show me an Asian gal who can rock them with aplomb and I'll retract…


I do like this type of super sheer silk jersey that Kane has been using for a few seasons making his t-shirts something of a must-buy when his legendary sample sale comes round in London. 

IMG_0575 IMG_0576



The finale though erases any traces of the prints gone before as an intricate beading passage finishes the show off taking the collection to a different part of Asia especially as the patterns reminded me of henna mehndi  skin decoration.  This kind of tat, I can get down with seeing as it's done in the most minute of colourful beading, reminiscent of the final beaded passage in Kane's S/S 10 show but this time round, a rainbow comes to pick out these lines, supported by a neon lace background.  


IMG_0579 IMG_0581





In a simpler abberation, beads adorn the holey knitwear that form part of the collection's stable sales pieces.   

IMG_0585 IMG_0586

If there wasn't any highlighter on the feet, I'd be worried.


His final keyword given to Tim Blanks was 'Cyberdog', a pretty hilarious affirmation, which leaves me nothing to say but a plea to the man himself…

Come on Christopher, let's just get together and talk about how we loved scribbling with highlighters, watching biopics of Princess Margaret thinking she was a babe and an intriguing minx, and daring ourselves into venturing inside Camden's Cyberdog and being secretly a little petrified…

Oh, and get yourself a website…! 

Monki-ing Aroung Pt 3

>> 'Allo, 'allo – this is me trying to add gravitas and depth to what is essentially is a squeal about my wardrobe.  They cut out the bit where I RAVED a lot about the Ikea Stolmen system, probably because they didn't want to give a free shout-out to the Swedish home giant.  But like I said before in my previous wardrobe construction post, Stolmen gets the big thumbs up from me (as well as the two dudes from Express Wardrobe) so if Ikea wishes to send me extra shelves, brackets and poles for me to run down the street demonstrating to people why Stolmen rules, then I'm happy to do so. 

I believe next week will be the last episode so it's bye for now.  We'll save the blubbing for next time…