The Art of Giving Part II

>> I've taken to standing back and disgustingly admiring my Christmas consumption over the past few weeks which in addition to five different kinds of roast meats, my own weight in roast potatoes, sprouts, chocolate truffles and numerous varieties of cake and condiments includes a slew of festive-related gifting which as I said yesterday has been perhaps wildly extravagant in the context of our supposed downturned times.

My comeuppance will surely hit me next year when I'm going to be making poorly baked goods for people as gifts and Steve is going to be carving something out of a potato as a token of his affection.  For now though, consumer's delight is triumphant.  I'll wait a few more days yet before harsh reality comes knocking on the door.

With a stash of birthday cheques, the Liberty sale, which started early in a sneaky fashion a fortnight ago, came calling.  I far prefer spotting something on a rail which has been reduced quite discreetly on the tag without a 50/60% plaque signposting it as per all post-Christmas sales happening right now.  Following Alex Fury from SHOWstudio's good advice, I headed down there and went hunting for marked down tags and got myself a Proenza Schouler black mesh sleeveless shirt with leather collar and trim (not at Liberty anymore but Opening Ceremony has a few left) and a Richard Nicoll wool gingham dress, both heavily reduced.  Say hello to the school girl look of yesteryear, recalling a time when I was once addicted to thigh high/knee high socks at school and worried about whether me not getting straight A*'s would turn me into a social pariah…



(Double collaring it all up with the Whistles lightning bolt shirt)

Did I leave a 'Watch out for the next part…" cheesy foretelling at the end of my last post?  Why I believe I did!  My misunderstandings and lack of interest in bags for the past five or so years has manifested itself into a sudden desperate surge of desire in those wretched leather goods that normally cost an arm and a leg.  I feel dirty just thinking about the extortionate amount…

So when Steve presented me with his Christmas gift, telling me that it was "Nothing much…" and as I started ripping into it, glimpsed at that familiar gold brocade that decorates many of Miu Miu's store interiors, I wailed out "Oh NOOOOOO!  You DIDN'T!  That's TOO MUCH!".  That wasn't a false bewailment by the way… I did momentarily think he had struck a deal with a dubious loan shark to get it.  He did immediately reassure me that not every year would beget me a gift like this.  Like I said, I fully expect a hand-carved potato ornament next year.

IMG_0083 IMG_0121

The bag is from the limited edition range to celebrate the opening of the MAHUSSIVE 150 New Bond Street flagship store. I was cooing over the deep luscious brocade ones, eliminating the more expensive studded/furry/croc ones as impossible possessions.  Sensible Steve saw more longevity in a black leather bag though, which despite its compact size actually expands into three roomy compartments.  I've been rotating between feeling up a feel of the lush red linings of this Miu Miu leather one and the Mysuelly suede one.  Ah… leather goods heavy petting bliss…

Still I must keep reminding myself though that this is by no means a precedent.  Therefore the key question for next year is where does one find a vegetable carving knife? 




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  1. I am in love with that limited edition bag! If I were to get one of them that’s exactly the one I’d have gotten, I love Miu Miu’s with silver hardware!

  2. Lovely bag! I made the schoolgirl error of going to Westfield, where all luxury leather shops had 2 hour lines outside the very door! Ugh. It put me right off and consiquently I made only sensible purchases like woolly jumpers and charcoal tweddy trousers. Still, it’s just as well as I’m already at the potato carving stage!

  3. Adorable look! I love your blouse and miu miu black handbag. So cute! Don’t worry about over-indulging – it’s the one time of year it’s ok ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Just beautifuk Susie. I don’t mean to hop on a stereotype thing but you look like you escaped from a manga, in a good way that is. It works so well. Especially with the shoes and your beautiful studded bag and feminine blouse with the quirky print. Just perfect, what more can I say. <3

  5. Oh Ms. Susie Bubble:)
    You are a charming, brave and inspiring soul.
    You and your blog are my best discovery today plus better than all my christmas goodies:)
    I can’t wait to visit your blog many many many times!
    Your writing is Haute Couture! A Pleasure!

  6. i love your writing style and have always enjoyed it. You write with such wit and humour at times too.:)

  7. Hi,
    I was searching the website and came across you site. I love it. This post caught my eye. I have currently created a blog post and would really apperiate it if you could take alook at my blog.
    Hope you don’t mind that i have linked to your site from mine.

  8. I love that bag in black with the’s soooooooo ROCK and ROLL ..bad ass,..killer with ANYTHING!!!! The brocade would be have amazzzing too but this one will work with EVERYTHING and ANYTHING and the leather over years will get buttery and beat up cool!!!!!!!! I’m diggin’ your Proenza shirt..I tried on the longsleeve one and LOVVVVVVED it but they didn’t have my size! I LOVEEEEEEE yours, the leather collar and the placket are sooo cool! Would look amazing in the summer with a bolo necklace! Happy NEW YEAR Susie! mwahh
    xoThe Beckerman Girls

  9. yeeh this outfit is so nice, I lIKE the 2 shirts put together
    and especially the piece of leather i, the black shirt, reminds the miu miu bag !!

  10. That outfit is so 1992/’Clueless’!! its great! The Miu Miu is excellent!! I was lucky/unlucky this christmas – my very well trained boyfriend got me pinky/purply Valentino heels that are just perfect in every way…..except size!!!! :’o( he got them in my size but they come up a full size too small and they’re out of the next size up – next year im sending him out for a bag instead ;oD

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