The Art of Giving Part I

>> I've lucked out with gifts this year with the usual double hit of birthday slash Christmas but in particular, peers, friends and family this year have somehow gotten the balance between the meaningful and matters of taste just right.  It took a few years of giving/receiving lazy gift vouchers and bath sets from Boots to get to this point. 

So if it feels like over the next few days until the 4th January (that's when I feel like my official 'working' year begins) I'm excessively coo-ing over gifts on the blog, apologies in advance.  It's these little bits of joy that will keep me going for what is to be a looooong January, when I have fiscal matters to deal with that will keep me from the shops for a bit. 

I used to be in the habit of carrying a Stella McCartney solid perfume habit on the commute which comes in handy in the summer when several varieties of armpit whiff come to attack your nostrils.  Don't THINK I have told anyone of my odd habit but Steve's sister and her husband were kind enough to supply me with this Artemesia solid fragrance from Penhaligon's which comes in a lovely compact as well as a 'Keep Me' label that reminds me of the first chapter in Alice in Wonderland where she haps upon the 'Drink Me', 'Eat Me' tags. 



Spending too much time with the mother has clearly affected my dress choices, with the upper half here resembling a 70s secretary, or just an outfit that my mum would have worn in the 70s.  Thankfully, the bottom half is wrecked by these Les Queues de Sardines cyclops tights that my sister got me.  I expect some stares from eyeball to eyeball…

(Worn with Lauren Moffatt dress, vintage Celine shirt, Krystof Strozyna jacket, Nicholas Kirkwood flats, Ki:ts belt and leather bracelet)



My recent ravenous appetite for bags that makes up for about six years of not being into bag-buying have been answered with a few recent gifts/acquisitions including this cable knit Mysuelly bag from Urban Outfitters (sold out I'm afraid!).  A bout of Googling reveals Mysuelly to be a French bag label that apparently French fashonistas are digging – who knows whether that was just a breezy sweeping statement to fill a few pages in a magazine.  The point is, Mysuelly have pitted lush cable knit against a 'proper' structured bag along with a lovely red suede lining, all big enough to fit all the essentials.  The Bags-for-Susie cause is somewhat uplifted but in part II, it gets a huge surge.  Allow me to cheesily end this post with a "Watch out for the next part!". 


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  1. Such a perfect outfit! Also, the solid perfume looks lovely, Ive always wanted to try Penhaligon fragrances after reading a reference to it in I Capture The Castle!

  2. Love love love your outfit! I can’t believe you discovered MySuelly, less than a month ago I had that very same bag in my hands (in the one and only shop that sells them in my country) but I just wasn’t brave enough to buy it in white cable knit, so I got a slightly different model in oxblood red corduroy with navy blue suede piping (the lining is red like yours).
    I’m feeling watched by those tights, yet still I kinda want them.

  3. I SEE U!!! lol!!! I LOVE THOSE EYEBALL tights..they are unnnreal with your all blue outfit! You look sooo fab and amazzzing like always, babe! And that knitted bag?!!! GASP…hotness!!! Wanted to wish you a HAPPY HAPPY NEW YEAR from us girlios! Lots of love, Susie and a big hug!
    Hope we get to meet in the New Year!
    xoThe Beckerman Girls

  4. What makes a comment stand out? Im not sure I know the correct answer, but I’ll give it a go. I’ve been reading your blog for about 3 months now, I know I know definatly not long enough! Personally all compliments are lovely to read, as I’m sure they are to you, and I would just like to say, I love the way you write, the content and all the photos you choose. Ive had various attempts of starting different blogs, not knowing how you manage to get followers, but Ive had a thought…it doesnt matter? Ive wrote my first post, during them four ever-lasting days of the christmas holiday’s, why not?! I would be most grateful if you could have a little look, and I just want to say again you blog is AMAZING! x

  5. I really love those tights! I love how they add some humor to your outfit, especially when paired with the shoes. Hope that you are having the happiest of holiday seasons! I just moved to London, so I am going to start to explore it via your shopping guide. I’ll probably be mostly window-shopping, but who cares–I can’t wait!

  6. i just had to stop in to admire your pale blue pairing and the way you have perfectly broken up the scheme with those shoes and tights. yes, yes. i will remember this next time i go shopping!

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