On Second Thoughts…

>> … after doing a bit of light research on costume designer Adrian Adolph Greenberg better known as Adrian, designer of Dorothy's red ruby slippers in the The Wizard of Oz, I'm now convinced that nothing other than this exact outfit will do for any New Year's Eve antics.  Alright, so it's a near impossibility on this particular eve of 2011 to go get me this costume from the 1939 film The Women, designed by Adrian and used in the fashion show sequence in the film that also happens to be in Technicolour.  Particularly as I'm sat on my arse at home pondering what will ensue in the next few hours.

However, looking at some beautifully large films as well as playing the fashion show sequence on YouTube (though without the original sound…) over and over again is enough for me to admire this surprisingly surreal ensemble where a short white kimono-esque robe makes the hand bearing a rose a physical component as well as a delicate print that consumes the satin bathing suit and lining.  The addition of the rose gives a 'helping hand' to the oddness of a lonesome end limb sitting afloat a robe.  Moreoever, that is some impeccable satin cutting seen in the bathing suit where not one wrinkle or bit of wonkiness exists.  I'm banking on next year for opportunities to raid MGM's archives to make this a living reality.      



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  1. A bit chilly though 🙂
    I figured you’d try to make last year’s costume happen this year – wasn’t it a wedding dress? Or am I totally mistaken? In any case, whatever you’ll wear, have a wonderful New Year! xo

  2. another great post. i could quit fashion school and use your site as my primary source of fashion education. and that bathing suit, GAH! this needs to be knocked off somewhere so everyday consumers like myself can get their hands on it.

  3. Happy Newyear, sweetie!
    I like your blog!
    &. Maybe you’ll like to follow me, so we can follow eachother?
    Love &. Kisses, Valerie

  4. Hope you had a great new year and managed to whip up a similar outfit… I myself would quite fancy wearing that hat!

  5. \(^∀^)メ(^∀^)ノ *・゚。:.* ♪ Happy New Year 2011 !
    \(^0^)/ (*・∀・)/♡\(・∀・*)

  6. Wow that silk satin bathing suit is amazing. The kimono with the hand is pretty creepy but I love the way the lining matches the suit. It is so delicate and beautiful, like paint on canvas…love when fashion is art and plays around with possibilities like that.

  7. no, not another post on the women – u and diane pernet have been copying each others or have finally found out the hundreds of more intelligent posts written on the women?

  8. Brandon: I actually was creeped out by the Chalayan hands, probably because they looked like they could strangle you. But I liked the way those Chalayan hands looked more cohesive and merged with the outfit more than say these ones which look like a jokey prop
    Ella P: Hah… weird… I didn’t read Diane Pernet’s post until now…in any case, I posted this the day before and it wasn’t a post about The Women, but about this particular outfit from the film
    OF COURSE there are many other far more intelligent (and more extensive I might add…) posts about the film…

  9. The whole movie magically surreal, especially the fashion show! And one of the hats Rosalind Russell sports as Sylvia is very prescient of the Louis Vuitton rabbit ears!

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