HNY Brights

>> My warped view of Chinese tradition has long instilled in me that any New Year (be it Chinese or not) or festive occasion requires lots and lots of colour.  It's the old wives tales passed down to me from grandmothers and mumbling mothers that has me thinking that only the brightest hues of orange, blue and purple can chase away evil spirits to make way for celebration and OF COURSE there are evil spirits present at every festive occasion.  At New Year's Eve, evil spirits equals the forcse that send drinks prices rocketing and induce huge wacks of money for shit parties.

So I'm out to do battle today with a possibility of changing into another outfit for the night, that tops the level of brightness of this ensemble here, because OBVIOUSLY evil spirits are going to be at their most potent at nightfall.  The combination of some Tory Burch resort pieces (which I wore for their blog back in September) together with the Opening Ceremony x Tron dress should be enough of a force to ward off any daytime New Year's Eve evilies.  I may only be going to Waitrose but you never know where they might be lurking.  They could jump right out at me from the cheese counter.  Look to the penultimate episode of Misfits to see how evil diary products can be…





(Tory Burch printed cardigan, Opening Ceremony x Tron neoprene dress, Tory Burch printed trousers, Suno x Loeffler Randall wedge sandals)

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  1. How mazing you have managed to combine all the colors and patterns, great!
    Happy New Year to you dear!

  2. ok…those shots of colours are enough to jumpstart this freaking new year….
    maybe if i’m lucky enough….i might get those shoes as a gift…heehee high hopes!!!!!
    happy new year!!!!

  3. Susie I’ve been reading since ’06!!! When are you gonna start your own line. This outfit is epic. AND you just inspired me to wear my red kimono instead of my LBD and boring old sparkles tonight!!!
    Happy New Year!!

  4. Happy New Year Susie! I have to admit I was a little hesitant on commenting on this post. Tory Burch is just a little bit, how do I put it. Evil? I dunno but then I loved the outfit so much and the prints and everything and I realized I can’t think of a designer (no matter how spoilt they are (or how little they actually design)) in such a light. The clothing has to speak for itself and you know what I love a good mixed-print. And whilst I find it difficult to applaud another well-off socialite for a product that a company named after her has come up with. I have to give her props. Thanks Susie for making me a little bit more optimistic and sorry Tory for being a bit of an asshole to you…

  5. Brandon: I’m with you on that point. To be honest, I actually had no prior knowledge of Tory’s background as a designer etc…
    I guess for me, I just sort of worked with it with fresh eyes. I love these printed pieces whether they had a Tory Burch tag on them or not. It’s like I don’t particularly admire Roberto Cavalli and what the brand stands for but in the past, I’ve often seen clothes from there that hold their own.
    On an unrelated fashion onte their studio/offices are mighty impressive though. Orange walls, printed carpet and eclectic decor – exact opposite of a lot of the minimal/sparse spaces that New York has.

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