>> Today has been a catwalk browsing admin day where thorough recaps need to be done for the sake of reminding me of a) what collections are dropping into stores soon and b) what to compare the pending A/W 11-12 shows against, to track a trajectory. 

One thing that I picked up during the S/S 11 shows were the indirect/direct infiltration from karate/judo belts that made their way into collections.  Indirect in the instances of say Celine, where a lot of the ensembles travelled loosely through Morocco/North Africa, keeping everything tightly subtle.  That said, as the colour blocked stripes flowed past me, the first thing that popped up were the rankings of karate/judo belts contrasted with the crisp white robes that dotted one too many poor martial arts film that I've had to consume.  I'm probably spotting a thematic trend that exists only in my head seeing as those vibrant primary shades belted and knotted at the waist, seen at say Haider Ackermann and Sonia Rykiel also owe their roots to Japanese obi belts as much as my imagined karate/judo antics.  The dominance of white has even broader origins and reference points that can't be explained in a nutshell.

Still, I just can't shake the images that have caused me to thrust these collections together loosely.  I'm also not ruling out the option of looking up Yellow Pages for some specialist martial art stores to raid their belts and robes for some tweaking and incorporation into what looks to be a white-out, loose trouser-filled and primary-colour-accented season. 

(All backstage images from Dazed Digital, Celine images my own, all other catwalk and accessories images from Style.com)

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  1. mmmm..im not too sure! im still in love with my camel and i cant see camel and the primary colours being in sync 🙁 this styles not for me, but got to admit..some martial art clothes would be comfy..it’d be like being in stylish pyjamas..i like!
    fashionforbreakfast.blogspot.com 🙂 – im new!

  2. Saying it outright, the thought of martial arts clothing doesnt sound too appealing but seeing it like that is a whole new take on the costume, if you can call it that. Hope you can come and visit my blog, I appreciate all your post and really enjoy reading them, its nice to take knowledge and inspiration away from a blog. Thank you! x

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