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Right, so officially speaking, my list of Favourites is the forum to be doing my imaginary dream wish-listing.  It's sort of a torture device looking at it with its numerous array of labels stacking up to a monetary worth that is frighteningly high.  It's been my guilty glutty thing to do to scroll through it, click through some of the items, add them to my basket as though I was about to buy them then abandon the shopping process mid-way. 

Seeing as it's my BIRTHDAY )aka Dick Van Dyke Day), I'll blog what I want to and unearthing these pics from Chanel's S/S 11 press day reminded me of one truly spectacular show fest that doesn't need paragraphs of analytical text and instead should just be captioned with "I want a buckets of Chanel raining down on me.'  Models comfortably walking in these raised platform sandals with the suede and metallic cord spiral detailing and walking at a 'promenading pace' (as in not stomping their way down a catwalk) meant you could take in every detail of an outfit and fully absorb all 80-something looks.  I was trying to figure out how long in distance the walking circuit was, seeing as the model went round the fantastical garden set twice and guessed it might have been a good kilometre and in that slow meander to match the sweeping orchestra rendition of Rolling Stone's The Last Time (thought it was Bittersweet Symphony at the time but forgot about that whole 50/50 credit palava…), I'm guessing these shoes served model's feet well and of course I'm all for Chanel's S/S 11 footwear placing feet firmly on the ground with body and head up in the clouds wearing feather-trimmed, dream-embroidered clothes…









Darkened chains mingling with gold or the gold degrade-ing into black…



Cut-out gloves for blue veins to pop out in the squares…


Bags that are like very very expensive souvenirs of that day at the Grand Palais…


Jewellery literally roaring at you with their weighty lion's heads…



Like I said, this is all pointless wishlisting that could only occur on my birthday because well… I just fancy it!  A more realistic approach is heading over to Claire Inc's newly revamped site and ogle at the vintage Chanel clothing, jewellery and accessories that whilst are still amout to a pretty penny, is a more realistic penny compared to Chanel's lofty price hikes (a big F u to recession) that only instills burning desire in the wealthy and admiration from the likes of me…

IMG_3796 4c63786794c40_IMG_9670

4c875ae7c5b77_IMG_4957 IMG_4446

Chanel-Bag1 IMG_4538

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  1. What cool goodies, and those shoes are fantastic! As much as I love heels, I still want height but not stress on my feet. These would do wonders for that, plus catching a few stares walking down the street. Fab!
    Maryjane xoxo

  2. Happy Birthday Susie Sag. I’m not crazy about the platforms but like the design of the shoes otherwise. The multi-strand chain necklaces attract me very much.
    I remember walking into a vintage store here in Toronto and coming close to tears over the sight of a vintage Chanel coat. Oh, the price tag was $1,000 and I am still thinking about it. I know it is a purchase I would not regret.

  3. 1. Those Chanel shoes remind me a little of Char Hu Lee’s (sp?)older collection. I really love the squiggles.
    2.I love when fast fashion gets a make over!

  4. I’m so ready for this type of platform to become more widely accepted so stores/brands that I can actually afford will start making them. I’m ready for something new in the world of shoes!
    And a happy happy birthday to you lovely lady!

  5. You are amazing. The choice of fabric, pattern, and shoes it very unique. Very inspirational. Putting together an outfit sometimes is hard but you make it so easy.
    The Chanel shoes are out of this world. Incredible!

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