>> Tumblr was up to no good for a day and a half and so I had to wait a bit to check out the full range of prettiness that illustrator C√©dric Rivrain, most well known for his work for Maison Michel and his band-aid/plaster portraits, that he has done for Hong Kong boutique Joyce's Laduree store, the first HK Laduree outpost.  I didn't get a chance to buy one box for the pure sake of the illustrations but checking them out via Rivrain's Tumblr did give me the advantage of denting this pretty post with…  


… well, I guess the following images are pretty self-explanatory really.  This is a photo spread for Double Magazine of Rivrain impersonating Carrie Bradshaw, photographed by Andrea Spotorno which is uncannily accurate.  Apologies if this is old news for those that have flicked through the issue of Double but I couldn't really justify a post dedicated to JUST some boxes of macaroons.  Plus, you've got to love the stylist and Rivrain for referencing Bradshaw circa season 3-4 before it got eye-rollingly far fetched in later seasons as well as the films.  I finally watched the second one on a flight which, Virgin's in-house magazine recommended on the basis that it had pure LOL factor.  When a throwaway inflight magazine is pushing a film for jokes, it's got to be insanely bad, which it was, but it did kill two hours and a bit hours pretty quickly.





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  1. Really love the feel of these pics of SJP. The coat must be mine! 🙂
    Friend in Fashion
    P.S. Be sure to check out my fashion giveaway http://www.friendinfashion.blogspot.com

  2. Thorie says:


  3. renee says:

    bloody hell….i thought she was sjp….but on closer look…she looked a bit too manly even for sjp….
    must say the photoshop is quite riveting…!!!!

  4. jenni says:

    Macarons! Wish there was nice boxes for the mac’s here. :d

  5. It’s about time that macarons appeared in HK! I would think that they are perfectly suited together.

  6. Lorena says:

    At first glance I actually thought it was Sarah Jessica Parker…hahhaha!
    I’m having a look at his tumblr now and his illustrations are impressive.

  7. Nicole says:

    I’m really surprised that this dude can even fit into “designer sizes” (even if that Prada dress is a 48!) and into the shoes as well! At least he’s not smashing the back of the heels like some of the male models from that POP photo shoot. And kudos for shaving the pits, although he may do that regularly…who knows?
    Great post!

  8. sarahlee says:

    OMG i really thought that was sarah jessica parker (carrie) lol in the last photo i was thinking to myself, her nipples are showing and her chest is flat?? whatt~ lol
    im still amazed and stunned hahaha

  9. margief says:

    dear me these photos are quite uncanny. i was seriously thrown just then. hmm those pictures are nearly enough to make me buy the macaroons for the box…nearly

  10. Valentine says:

    How nice… So funny did a post on Macarroons this morning too… But on Galliano’s special edition…
    -diary of a fashion stylist-

  11. daywalker says:

    I don’t think i’d be too flattered if I were SJP – oh well, it is quite funny though.
    As for those Laduree boxes – lovely 🙂

  12. Ah yah… she’s my muse susie!

  13. cheska says:

    The Model looks like Sarah Jessica Parker hahaha but if you look closer – Not! 🙂 Love her first picture 🙂

  14. Trendy Style says:

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  15. L. says:

    I love Rivrain & Laduree’ds collaboration for Joyce. I got a pink box. I went in to ask if I could just pay for the boxes because I can’t eat all those macaroons. haha. They’re just too pretty to resist. I’m going back to get the other boxes.

  16. Chuck says:

    That is uncanny.

  17. Coco says:

    The sublime Cédric Riverain sketches are enough to take away the guilt of falling for a delicious box of macaroons, if only to collect the boxes… too bad they are only found in Hong Kong…

  18. Anna says:

    this is a fun find! Really well done imitation.

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