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>> Listen, I told you the fat guy is still sitting on my head, moving his way down to my sinuses whilst trying to stamp on my vocal chords producing a hideous croak that ages my voice three decades.  Then there's the snow flurry that N7 (and other parts too…) this morning that makes me go all misty-eyed, playing Walking in the Air on repeat whilst watching the Gherkin disappear into the snow.  All of the above makes me entitled to post an abundance of cuteness in the form of TBA – To Be Adored (bien sur…!) – and their S/S 11 collection.  I stamp my feet and leave imprints in our piss-poor snow on this chilly Friday to repledge my love for sweet n' dark clothes – black treacle's clothing equivalent if you will.  By dark, I don't mean the colour but the little hints, winks and looks that this particular TBA girl (she's sort of sickeningly too perfect for this collection, no?) is giving off that says "Hey I might be wearing a yellow tinged print covered in tutu-wearing dancers and swans or a head to toe nude silk suit or indeed a pleated peter pan collar dress that is a replica of one that I might have had when I was 5 years old – that may all be the case – but I have got better things to do than posing in Lomo shots, making Lolita poses and walking through rustic countryside all day long…."

Or maybe I'm reading too much and perhaps the TBA girl is that Lomo shot lovin' Lolita.  There are of course plenty of them about that will fall for TBA clothes and thankfully the label is available to most through Urban Outfitters and ASOS.  I guess I'm trying to reason my own love of TBA.  It CAN'T just be that the clothes are simply adoooooorable with six o's.  There must be something deeper to be dug out here…

Damn you there just isn't anything to dig.  There it is.  It is just the cuteness of yellow-tingey print with swans and tutu-wearing dancers printed across.  It is those sherbet-y colours will always have a place in my heart, balanced out with touches of metallic gold.  It is the fact that a lot of these silks (a material that TBA bases their collections around each season…) remind me of vintage pyjamas. 

P.S. TBA's designer Binbin McNiven (best name ever…) is based in Brighton making her one of the few British designers that I've written about that AREN'T based in London.  Alright it's only two hours away but far enough for Binbin to be called a NON-Londoner.  Will try and rectify that in 2011… that's err… finding more non-London-based, British designers not removing Binbin from Brighton…











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  1. truly…. the collection is adorable…and your insight on the model is pretty good..though one can’t imagine not enjoyin doing poses for these clothes…..
    i’m just in love with the pleated dress….ah..!!!!

  2. You’re 100% right about the model- it’s her expression (those eyebrows help it along) that really leads to one thinking ‘this girl’s soul is NOT the same shade as her clothes’….sickeningly perfect is about right for it.

  3. I’d been hurrying to put on the millions of layers, and now I can’t wait to get back into just wearing just a tea dress – this collection really makes me want to do just that.
    I really love the references to Lolita, the collars, the lazy braids – oh, and definitely the 6th dress with its length and…well just everything about it.

  4. The dress the model in the last picture is wearing it’s incredible cute and girly! And the colours of the clothes are all so light! I love it!

  5. The model looks vaguely like Bambi Northwood-Blyth, though this looks more sugary than her usual work, but still fantastic.

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