Feel It


>> I'm keeping press day tidbits itty bitty and digestible and to be honest when dealing with Missoni's S/S 11 collection which was a cacophony of kitsch, colour and global trekking, I'm honing it down.  It was a collection that drove a bit love/hate divide as I've noticed for a lot of people.  Broken down though into individual pieces though where the blocky flat shapes don't give you a sensory overload, I have to say that I'm in the 'Love' camp.  I'm focusing though on the eye candy that the mere accessories and shoes already proffer up before I even attempt to tackle the clothing that I think needs physical playing around with as opposed to digesting the total looks which is a tall task for most… 

Behold shoes that fall in line a lot of the walkable, raised platforms, Far East-whiff shoes that S/S 11 is full of but given the zany zig zags and stripes that only Missoni can do as well as the intentionally hilarious text figurative beading -  who doesn't what 'Boogaloo' on a shoe? 





The err…. word 'art' carries on to the jewellery where I'm continually reminded of the sort of t-shirts that I see in Asia where the text makes no sense whatsoever but they seem to love using English for the sake of it being English.  Well, I suppose 'Get your waistline round the bassline' makes complete sense but I can't read it as anything but an in-joke or a pastiche of a certain genre of mottos/figures of speech…




Triple rings with 'tude… well, if Missoni puts 'Boom' and 'Wild' 'Thing' on their rings, I can therefore cheesily shorten attitude…




Back to more 'familiar' and most probably popular Missoni territory are these watches which are a collaboration with Toy Watch which I think are being released in December…


A Bit of Chunk


>> After busting two hours on a post that had to be taken down anyway, I've got lazy eyes today.  So instead of looking forward to what S/S 11 is going to yield, I'll concentrate on what's going on my back right now, revolving around J.W. Anderson's A/W 10-11 offerings as well as a few pieces of current Topshop Unique, which was one of those "One of Each Please!" collections that actually has meant choosing what to buy from it has been tricky.  I feel a bit privileged that I have pieces from the debut of J.W. Anderson's womenswear offerings as judging by S/S 11 as well as next season, he could be onto something of a niche that not many people are doing (see post on re-feeling the past, something that his collections make me do…). 

It thankfully all goes hand in hand with the changing of the winds, the clocks turning back and a general cosy feeling of "Oh, it's getting chilly!" which in my books can only be a good thing.  The J.W. Anderson camel cashmere wrap skirt and matching bra are sort of an antithesis to the neat n' tidy cashmere when trimmed with a strip of grey jersey or marked with deliberately naive cross stitches.  I actually have no fear of the skirt becoming rather ratty once a few months have gone by and I've gotten a load of wear out of it (it also has a generous waistband so I've been layering it up over thick trousers…).  Then it's texture attack with the addition of the Topshop Unique crochet lace top as well as the chunky knit socks (not online anymore but I definitely still see them in store).  I'm currently being drawn to anything that may or may not have belonged in my grandmother's house be it a doily-esque texture or a knit that might have graced a tea cosy. 





Then the final "Wrap Up" piece is the tartan blanket biker jacket which also neatly forms a clue to where I'm trekking off to this weekend (you THINK you know, but you may still get it wrong I warn you…).  I considered getting a tartan blanket and cutting it up to sew onto an old denim jacket.  I then tried to poke a needle through denim and it caned my fingers.  Decision made. 





(J.W. Anderson tartan biker jacket, Topshop Unique crochet lace top, Monki grey body, J.W. Anderson camel cashmere wrap skirt and matching bra, Topshop Unique chunky knitted socks, Marios Schwab boots)

Star Straw


>> I cannot, for the life of me find pics of models wearing these S/S 11 straw hats by Nasir Mazhar who sprung a guerilla show at the Topshop venue in September.  Sitting sadly on a shelf, unfortunately these hats look a little sad and not that exciting but I promise you on living, breathing and possibly growling rude girls from Dalston, they inverted every notion and cliche associated with a 'pretty' straw hat…

I can't say I'd invoke the same spirit with my feeble half-n-half, passive aggressive self but I do really want one even if the contrast would be slightly lost on me…



Some other pics from the presentation and his hut space at the New Gen area that add some context to my poor pics to support my straw lovin'…


(First pic from Fred Butler Style, second from Lulu Kennedy's blog)


Local Sugar Jaunt


Today was all about the inability to move anywhere so when in doubt, stick to your locality and in my case, it's was a hop and a skip to Angel's My Sugarland for their second birthday bash.  It sort of blows my mind that it was two years ago that I reviewed the shop because in my head, My Sugarland is still sort of new and 2008 was only yesterday.  Totting the blog's age up still scares me to death because it means I've been chugging away far longer than I had intended to….

(Zoe Lem and her husband James…)


In the spirit of the boutique's leanings towards sugar n' spice and all things nice, ownerZoe Lem got together her Dollar Bill one man band, cupcakes from Bea's of Bloomsbury, hair all stiff and done by Nina's Parlour, models wearing some of My Sugarland's favoured designers and a heap of strawberry and vodka together for a fine gathering that made for good distraction from the moan and groan of today's Tube strike.



Call me slow and not totally with it, but I hadn't heard of the typewriter artist Keira Rathbone before whose work is currently adorning the walls of My Sugarland. She was present at the night typing away to reveal a hat coming through the feed roller.  I think I may have asked her something dumb like "Wow, how do you do that?" in a blonde, hair twiddly sort of manner to which she replied "Well, I have been doing this for seven years…".  I then remembered that I could barely operate a typewriter when I did have one pre-Amstrad computer days.  Oh and I wondered whether it gave her pain to type as you have to hit the keys pretty hard…




It was good to see that Laura Lees is still alive and well (erm..both person and product!) at My Sugarland as she has a whole wall to herself with pieces that she has created especially for the store (as she no longer produces full collections…*blub blub*)




This model showed off this Jasper Garvida dress to its best sparkly, ruffly advantage (with a drink in each hand only boosting the spirit of it…)…


…though I still prefer the simpler pieces like this shirt with a pleated collar


Still loving Anita Quansah's pieces dripping with textiles, embroidery and embellishment…



I forgot to ask who these white embellished shirt collars are by but they don't seem to be on the website… Carven and COS have started me on a shirt bib/collar accumulation process…



Both the cakestand and the afternoon-tea themed dainty jewellery are by Ruby Tuesday


My final pitstop of the My Sugarland birthday catchup is none other than my cousin Elizabeth Lau (who I often get mistaken for… me thinks it's the fringe…) whose knitwear have been in a blogging storm (Style Slicker and Mademoiselle Robot are fans…).  My side of the Lau clan had a tendancy to cut all young Laus (myself included)' hair into neat, fringed bobs seen on this chubby cheeked face here… not to say Elizabeth even vaguely remembers what I looked like when I was wee baby but…


…there is a vague resemblance…

N507531569_1824951_7245 (Remember the days when photos came back with bonus chopped off limbs at the side of your shot?  No?  Ah, must have been some sort of doofus thing my mother did when loading the film… )