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>> I was aghast when it opened.  I almost ALWAYS say "Bah… " like an agitated OAP, whenever I walk past it.  Then one rainy day with time to kill, I did what I never thought I would and went into TK Maxx on Charing Cross Road, where once upon a time, Borders lay.  Don't get me wrong – it's not TK Maxx I have beef with but coming to terms with the fact that Borders no longers exists for gratuitous fash magazine browsing pleasure has been tough (oops…there lay the problem then, seeing as I almost always went over to Foyles to buy actual profit-making books…).  I blame the rain on the day for driving me into TK Maxx for sheltered browsing. 


I can't say I'm going to be making a weekly trip given that memories of awkward first dates at the Starbucks on the first floor, waiting around in the Graphic Novel section for a spare chair to sit down in and getting the doorcode for the toilet are all too emotive for me to abandon my loyalty to Borders (R.I.P…).  Still, I am grateful that the singular rainy jaunt gave me a price satisfaction as good as bagging this Manoush embroidered coat for ¬£30 as opposed to the ¬£170 listed price on Yoox.com – I laugh and my belly shakes with glee…


It also looks mighty different from the straight fit that is portrayed on Yoox.com so I guess in-person shopping in some cases really does come in handy (I also lopped off the distracting rosette to simplify the coat somewhat).  I've done some Wikipedia-ing and found that the embroidery of the floral pattern on the coat is technically a Bargello stitch (a vertical stitch of four threads…).  Ahaaa… a fancier, more official way of saying something that may have hung up as drapes in my grandmother's house.  I mentioned before in my last ol' chunky outfit post that I'm finding myself drawn to anything that may be sitting around gathering dust in my grandmother's house.  This coat, the quilted skirt, the Liberty print shirt and of course, the Crockett and Jones slippers all in some capacity fall into that category.  All together, it feels appropriate to be dressed head to toe in old-fashioned interior-led textiles whilst doing my stay-at-home routine, watching X Factor and shouting "Oh no, where has Matt Cardle's hat gone?!?!"




(Manoush coat, Liberty print shirt, ye olde Topshop quilted floral skirt, old belt, COS tights, Crockett & Jones slipper, vintage scarf tied around head, See by Chloe bag via Beso)

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  1. TK Maxx always brings a few surprises, but it has to be a day in which you have plenty of patience to browse and worm your way through the maze of aisles…That Manoush coat is lovely, I love the drapey pockets!

  2. What beautiful embroidery, both on the jacket and the slippers…
    P.S. What were the results of your space competition…? Have I missed that post..?

  3. Your outfit is beyond amazing!! You look adorable I love the mix of patterns!! And your hair is super cute I love the high bun!! Check out my looks and inspiration at

  4. hi..would you like to drop me an email regarding to some shopping reviews? I like to offer you some proposals. Please contact me for further details..thanks!

  5. This is definitely one of my Favourite outfits. I love the mix of patterns, your bum bag and your stunning coat and shoes. The headband is so amazing!! <3

  6. Such a great outfit – I feel the same about the passing of Borders…the T.K.Maxx is quite good to nip into but it does bring back memories of a late opening browsing book store. I still can’t shop at Aldo because they took over the Neal Street East (sob!).

  7. OK, I’m going nuts here – but, did you buy a Nikon camera? Which one? All my images end up with my head blurred! Do you have it set to focus on the dynamic area? I can’t get my whole body in focus at all.

  8. Queen M: I’m using a Canon in these images…
    Normally I use a Nikon D40 but not with the lens that the camera came with (haven’t a clue what it’s called but it’s a telephoto lens…) I normally just set it to automatic with the focus area is closest subject….I’m crap at all things photograph-related…I just leave my boyfriend Steve to figure it all out…

  9. This is one of my favourite of your outfits. So many different prints and styles, but it all works perfectly together. Interesting about Bargello stitches, I will have to try and remember the name, I hadn’t heard of it before but have seen that type of embroidery.
    Well done on the bargain hunting.
    Penny Dreadful Vintage

  10. you are looking so cute here i just have to comment!
    nice tying of the scarf around your hair and that’s really an awesome buy of a jacket !

  11. Suzie, could I trouble you for the size of your coat? I’m so in love with it and want to purchase one, I’m just afraid it runs larger than usual. You look gorgeous sweety!
    Maryjane xoxo

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