>> I'm finding myself to be a sucker for little tidbits of designer 'treats' that whilst aren't extortionate in the scheme of things are sort of extravagant when measured up against their itty bitti-ness.  Can't afford the Prada PVC princess coat?  I'll be getting the thick nubbly socks.  Unlikely that those Miu Miu 2-part flares are coming home with me so I'll get the shirt cuffs instead (deciding between wool or leather…).  It's a sad trap that accountants at designer labels will be laughing about whilst rubbing their hands together in $$$-eyed glee.  In my head though, I'd like to think that there's a 'schusszzzh'* factor to these pieces.  I can't quite spell that word properly to make it sound onomatopoeically correct.  Perhaps you have your own version of saying it.  Example of usage?  "I'm wearing my Fannie Schiavoni chain mail crop top to schusszzzh up an outfit."  I feel like I need to insert an MP3 soundbite here just to demonstrate what I'm saying.  Too bad the sound of my recorded voice drives me to moments of insanity. 

Carven's silk bib with an inbuilt Peter Pan collar is one such designer spun-off schusszzzh-piece.  You're probably not hearing me yet but I tells ya, it's only a matter of time before Carven fan girls of the Alexa Chung-following ilk will be rising up to the match the numbers of Alexander Wang's "We're oh-so-rad…" die hard addicts.  Don't ask me why but in my head, I have fictional style battle scenes playing out as a recurring vision.  Anyhow, in anticipation, I'm willingly committing myself to becoming said fan girl (errrm… minus the Chung-following bit…) as I bought my first bit of Carven (colette also has it too…) which also neatly forms a triangle with two other collar/yoke acquisitions – one from COS (which I THINK is sold out now…) and a vintage one that I bought from Old Touch in Stockholm.  I'm a big fan of anything that is a lightweight packing device and will sort of change-up an outfit in a subtle way and whilst no person who is vaguely observant of clothes will think you've gone and changed an entire outfit, I do like the way they somehow neaten up an outfit in the only way that the sight of a neatly pressed shirt collar does. 

So… points to take away…

I'm a nut job for itty bitty designer treats that in my head represent a paragon of affordability…

Carven-ites and Wang-ites will do battle in 2011…

Collars are neat… and might fool really, really unobservant people into thinking you have many clothes…

**EDIT** So apparently there is an Urban Dictionary entry but I don't like their spelling of it 'zhuzh'.  I'm sticking with my made-up version…


(Carven bib with Ann Sofie Back tweed ripped top, Weekday x Diana Orving leggings/skirt, Monki belt, Carin Wester shoes)


(COS shirt yoke with Whistles thunderbolts trousers, H&M x Lanvin dress tucked in, vintage scarf, Suno x Loeffler Randall wedges)



(Vintage embroidered bib with Manoush coat, vintage cashmere jumper, shorts from Hong Kong, Shape Shiftr mustard trousers, vintage shoes)

P.S. Note the different weather scenarios… and the crap snow that doesn't settle that we get in London in the last few pics…

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  1. I love the whistles thunderbolt trousers! They look so nice and comfy. Hehe i can see snow, it’s snowing in London! Must be freezing outside.

  2. I know exactly the sound you’re making… I was interested to find out that the big design houses make most of their money from lower priced accessories…my Canadian sis lives in London and wrote me “there’s less than an inch of snow on the ground and they don’t know what to do!” haha. Snow removal here is part of the economy. Snow is NEVER an excuse to stop. If it were, our economy would fall apart.

  3. so the term ‘bib’ has always sounded weird to me, and although i think that collars/bibs are awesome! but i can see why most people are hesitant to wear them…i mean really, what adult wants to admit they wear ‘bibs’…
    but semantics aside you look awesome!

  4. Oh Wow Susie. The first outfit is definitely my fave. I love how you combined them and at first glance it looks like it’s all in one! The Manoush coat is amazing too.
    Also…are those men in the offices behind you watching you get your photo taken?

  5. Just came across your blog and I’m loving it! I’m now following you =D I love collars too, the first one especially is verrrry cute! =) Oh and I much prefer your way of spelling schusszzzh!! Your shoes are also especially cute in your first outfit =)
    Take a look at my blog too??

  6. gah! I love those mustard trousers – if only I could afford them! Not likely any time soon. Anyway I would probably just end up depressed at how much better they look on you! xxx

  7. It’s snowing! And it is kind of funny how there is a delicate loin cloth on that skirt-legging set. The second photo reminds me how Suno x Loeffer Randall is a collaboration not to be forgotten and that I really need to shop at Whistlers.

  8. Susie…your style is OFF THE CHARTS FIERRRRRRRRCE! I’m obsessed with that lil Carven bibby!!! I NEEEED one! How fab would that be under a super chunky sweater?!! Love how you paired it with the Annie Sofie Back sweater..soooo rockin’!!! And OBBBBSESSED with how yo tucked that Lanvin for H&M dress into pants…brilliant!!! It looks soooo couture! And that vintage emroidered bib…I’m goin GA GA GOO GOO Over here!!! haha WHATTA POST!!!!!!!!!
    xoThe Beckerman Girls

  9. Wow I’m loving the bib mania. I love all the outfit creations. I’m amazed everytime at the outfits that you put together. Just amazing. <3
    P.S; We get the same non-settling crap snow here.

  10. You can’t go wrong with a peter pan collar (great ripped tweed top too). It is quite funny how bibs and collars are coming back, it really hasn’t been in fashion since the 30s and 40s but I am seeing them everywhere at the moment.

  11. I don’t know how you do it, but you always manage to look gorgeous! Your looks are always inspiring, and you have I think some of the best personal style in the blogging world. You never fail to impress!
    Maryjane xoxo

  12. Shzzzush or as I like to say, unmfphh. I love the primary colors detail on the last color and those trousers! You’re such a true artist, Susie. Love, love, love! X

  13. So wonderful! Especially the last one, that coat is amazing! Did you notice though, that in the 3rd last photo two of the people in the office block behind you are looking at you? Its a nice touch…

  14. ur a legend honestly the whole collar/bib thing is so fabuloso! even better than ur kapow wow neckpiece…i didn’t think that was possible!

  15. Wow, these collared dresses are pretty sublime! So cool! They are somehow perfect for any occasion. And so very teeny as well. And also European look. These outfits are so captivating and attractive. The collar plays a huge role in completing the overall look of the dress.

  16. Hi there Susie.. it’s been almost a year since I visited, feel bad for that but I’ve been tied up at the office. I’m actually on a leave of absence as of today bc I’m burnt out beyond belief. I am thrilled you’re posting pics of yourself and letting us get to know you better! I haven’t blogged in nearly a year now and wondering if i should get back into it.. not sure if you remember me but just wanted to say hello. Keep the great stuff up girl!

  17. 1st outfit: Strangely, this reminds me of Givenchy’s latest couture collection. Maybe it;s just the sheer fabric at the bottom that reminds me of Givenchy’s skeletal dresses.
    2nd outfit: WOW those shoes! Need I say more?
    3rd outfit: I love love love those pants. The leather knee and the tight fit is gorgeous. I’d do anything to get my hands on a pair.

  18. I’m going with ‘joosh’ as a word plus it reminds me of Natalie joos which is a good thing. Btw I’m going backwards through your blog page by page in case you’re wondering why my comment is so out of date! (In case you’re wondering – the audacity of me!) love your blog!

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