Another Day, Another Lau


>> I'm slowly initiating Steve into the Lau clan, one Lau femme at a time, easing him into the harem lest he runs away screaming with terror.  In a weird gene strand accident, my father together with his four brothers have all sprogged a bevy of female Lau's (just as an example, I have three younger sisters) that all seem to be curiously drawn to creative fields in a collected defiance against yer' usual engineering, medicine and law careers that yer' usual Chinese parents get a leeeetle bit too excited over.  Perhaps we all sub-consciously looked at my cousin Elizabeth Lau, the eldest of our generation and realised balancing accounts books need not form our career paths. 

Elizabeth has been pleasing gals all over with her dream girl clothes that make people describe you with phrases such as "cute-as-a-button" – a mysterious choice of words seeing as a button all by itself doesn't look particularly cute and it would of course depend on the button in question.  The point is, Elizabeth is doing very well for herself and for a month she's got herself a Ganton Street pop-up store in the runup to Christmas for people to get gift happy.  Elizabeth's clothes happen to be pretty gift advantageous as guesstimation sizing is a doddle and buying a sweater with a smiley girl with a bob is probably infinitely easier than say a corseted bandage dress.






The shop is also framing/selling a few jewellery designers such as Jessica de Lotz's jewellery based on found objects and personal histories…

IMG_0234 DSC_2469

… as well as jewellery and these collars by Elizabeth's friend Gemma Lister


I'll be making some of my other fellow femme Laus happy with Elizabeth's wares but first up – some self-satisfaction – the treat you buy for yourself to pat yourself on the back for getting some Christmas shopping done.  Whaaaa?  You mean, that's pointless and counter-productive?  But it's a cashmere soft blazer that correlates perfectly with all the multi-directional Breton-esque striping that I have going on…

Elizabeth Lau's pop-up shop will be at 2 Ganton Street W1F 7QL until Christmas Eve.


(Worn with Monki striped jumper, sheer dress, Makin Jan Ma striped leggings, Topshop belt, Anastasia Radevich furry ankle boots)

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  1. I don’t understand the cute as a button concept either but the saying itself is really cute. Your cousin has chops! Her knitwear looks impeccable and approachable. Where can I purchase Anastasia Radevich’s shoes? They only have one online stockist and it is under construction. Hope you are well and settled.

  2. I love that humorous tidbit on how you’re slowly initiating Steve to the Lau clan at the beginning and I just couldn’t stop laughing.
    This has to be one of your funniest posts!

  3. I need that blazer, it’s so neat and gorgeous. I love how you’ve paired it with numerous stripes, a sort of twisted Breton look. I definitely want to pop down to the shop and admire some of her wares first hand, those collars are soo pretty! Love how your family is quite creative, I guess mine is to some degree as we can all draw a bit, funny that.

  4. Your cousin’s designs are absolutely gorgeous <3 I love me some cutesy knits... and mucho <3 to that knitted "painting"
    So all your cousins and siblings have leaned towards the arts? So cool, wish my family was like that. Everyone's going into nursing, thus I am expected to follow suit.

  5. Oh I had no idea that she was your cousin! What an amazing creative family you have. Mine on the other hand are filled with the typical Chinese career paths like you described…
    The cardigan looks so cosy, PERFECT for the arctic chill!

  6. I really love her stuff. It makes me smile. I love fashion that feels upbeat. My favorite is the red sweater with the white hearts.
    My Heart Blogged

  7. I’ve seen your sister’s stuff in a Covent Garden boutique called Fifi Wilson. I always gaze longingly at her dresses in the window on the way to work.

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