Case by Case


>> Along with the rest of the coo-ing fashion blogosphere, I swooned over LCF graduate's Sarah Williams' BEAUTIFUL luggage that defied all logic and instead took pride in applying historical craftsmanship to the most mind-bending shapes that are out there.  She subsequently went on to win the award in the accessories category at the ITS9 competition in Trieste.  That said, I think she's taking baby steps in getting her luggage to the stage where us mere mortals might have an ickle chance of buying one because for now, everything is made-to-order.

Williams has left a taste for unconventionally shaped luggage in my mouth and so I turn to Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair who came up trumps with the most delightful Liberty print covered trunk that winged home with me from Stockholm Fashion Week in August.  Once again, they've collaborated with Swedish luggage maker Alstermo Bruk and have come up with two new case shapes – 'Typewriter' and 'Skew', titled aptly.  I particularly like how the 'Skew' case has the right amount of wonkiness in it, looking like a 'proper' case whilst possessing the dimensions of a warped rectangle that would turn heads on any train platform (for some reason I can only associate pretty hard cases with train travel and soft, crappy functional ones with flying).   




On a completely unrelated note, these junior baggy trousers, a miniature version of Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair's adult ones are ridiculously cute.  Or ridiculously cute on this particular child here… any tot-tot and said tot-tot's parents would appreciate sturdy trews like these…


Fashion Pioneers: Nick Knight



>> It's another round of delving into Fashion Pioneers and once again, I except that Imran Amed of Business of Fashion will be probing all the right things from his subject and thus giving us a video streamed interview of substance rather than fluff.  The subject this time is of course Nick Knight who needs no introductions but if you must, he's the founder of SHOWstudio and all-round award-winning influential image maker whose work is nothing short of iconic.  I'll be there taking notes and quite excited to be listening to the man speak at length about what he has done for spurring on the presence of fashion on the internet.  Let's remember that SHOWstudio, is now 10 years old, older than any fashion blog and has a lot to answer for the way fashion is communicated via the internet. 

Everyone can get in on the fun though by watching the live stream below…

Date and Time: Friday 26th November.  6.30pm London time.  7.30 pm in Paris and Berlin.  1.30pm New York and Toronto.

If you're on Twitter you can also send Imran questions to ask Nick Knight using the following hashtag Twitter hashtag – #BoFlive and the handle for Business of Fashion is  @_bof_

A Quick Turn


I've missed a gazillion shop openings in London that have crowded the past few months, which means missing rounds of vodka/gin/rum mixers (whatever drinks sponsor is doing the rounds…) and cupcakes/mini fish and chips/Tesco Value crisps.  These are the times when a Style Bubble under-study/correspondent would sort of make sense but then I remember that I'm a control freak and that I would reduce him/her to babbling tears. 

Instead, I'm trying to catch up on all the goings-ons slowly but surely.  First on my list came via hairdresser Charlie le Mindu who told me that a vintage store had popped up on Kingsland Road.  Whaaa?  Which end?  Near Evin Cafe?  Near WAH Nails?  Near that empty bit just after Pho Mile?  Turns out said vintage store was just there, across from the Geoffrye Museum (still have not made it inside and I haven't a clue why…).  House of Liza popped up in September and has been making quiet treads, selling threads collected by the owner which started from a private collection of vintage Jean-Charldes de Castelbajac and Stephen Sprouse and now includes pieces by Kansai Yamamoto, Jil Sander, Comme des Garcons, Thierry Mugler and Jean Paul Gaultier.  In particular I found that they have a lot of JPG Junior pieces that are anything but kiddy like.  Colour also dominates the selection that is extremely edited and definitely ripe for the Dalston crowd who perhaps want a little more out of their vintage than simply picking through mountains and mountains of clothes.  I'd level House of Liza at the same level of vintage editing as Vintage Academe with a bigger emphasis on 80s-90s key designer pieces and of course, it's slightly closer to home turf for me. 

DSC_0353 09-37-51

DSC_0356 09-37-51

This pailette and chain knit Azzaro piece hits all levels of insane… and sadly pretty far from the tame Azzaro of today…

DSC_0355 09-37-51

Their Tumblr blog gives a few picture and fashion encyclopedia clues to what House of Liza has on offer…




I came away with a vintage Moschino shirt where naked redheads play with hearts and flowers… obviously Miu Miu weren't the first to tread the naked lady printed shirt ground…

I may as well slot in a few of my favourite things that have headed my way such as this Monki cape which allows my arms complete movement unlike a lot of 'poseur' capes where you're not allowed to do things such as carrying supermarket baskets… as I said before, me THINKS their e-store is coming soon in 2011…




I can't think of anyone else except for Jessica Rabbit when I look closely at the print…



Another wardrobe newbie are these Jas M.B. leather 'waders' or leather leg-warmers attached to a suspender belt which I bought from Feathers in a feverish state (I've never zoomed so fast down to Knightsbridge…).  I hadn't a clue that Jas M.B. had ventured outside of his bag/wallet remit (his camera bags are high on my Christmas wish list now that I've downgraded to a smaller cam…) but I'm glad he has chosen the less conventional 'wader/leg-warmer' route rather than the predictable leather jacket path.  I can attest that the leather is buttery soft and the fit hovers at the right level of looseness.  I think the ones with the belt are sold out but they also come sans belt as leg warmers.  Layering devices such as these leather contraptions can only mean plenty of fun times with outfit experimentation. 



I had a round of good/bad luck with Swedish designer Carin Wester as I was sort of hell bent on wearing this long sleeved A/W 10-11 red gown for the H&M x Lanvin shindig but when I ordered it, alas the fit was not quite right on my strange bust area.  Ironboard chests don't always do you favours so the dress went back even though I was ready to confront my fear of red with it's perfected flow.  On the flipside though, these peep-toe wedges with a handy fold in the middle of the shoe arrived from Sweden and I just can't stop doing this (see pics below) to it.  I think I might whip them out at airport security if I once again get my suitcased investigated (I have a tendancy to be THE one hauled into security…) and show them what these shoes can do.  They might chuckle and perhaps speed up the search process and let me off the hook…