P.E. Antics

>> I should be dead against posting anything that is gym class or more to the point P.E. (stands for physical education supposedly but in truth, it's PURE EVIL) given my torrid past with this wretched class.  Hey I'm not against physical activity – just not err‚Ķ team sports where both classmates AND teacher gang up on you to make you feel like a complete idiotic wimp.

However, I couldn't help but be charmed by Tom Scott's latest knitted gym class foray.  Scott always creates a little world to immerse yourself in at his presentations and this time it's no different with his setting at the very posh and rarified 'gym' at the Notre Dame High School in West Village.  Alright, if I had these clothes on, perhaps I would be able to summon some cheer about netball or hockey – even if I did get wacked in the shins or a ball bounced onto my face and broke my glasses (yes, both things happened on MULTIPLE occasions).  Perhaps I could work through the pain if I had a shot of neon coral, some holey/netted knits, some silver foil/lurex textures and some grey cashmere sweats (I knows I've gone to far though when I start eschewing my beloved jersey for cashmere‚Ķ) to nourish my texture-loving soul.  Still, of course, Cher et co in Clueless comes to mind when it comes to designer 'gym' wear such as this and seeing as I no longer have to endure Pure.Evil classes anymore, I can sit happy knowing that Tom Scott's pieces are purely for pleasure and can be as far removed from balls, hockey sticks and terrifying team-picking as I please…


DSC_0563 DSC_0565


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  1. Dear Suzie,
    the idea of this presentation is interesting + the clothes look really cool- i think it’s such a brilliant idea to go towards gym collections!
    ps: just posted a picture of you on my blog (www.sylviaetc.blogspot.com), lovely seeing you outside zac posen show in Paris 🙂

  2. wow suzie his clothes really do make you yearn for sporting activities! the cycling shorts look amazing, and the fishnet like cardi is to die for <3 as a major lover of knits and sequins im hooked 🙂 what a fantastic post! hope those horrible gym memories have began to cease xxx

  3. oh i’m so glad to find out that someone else was made to feel like a clueless wimp in pe too!! and like you, both fellow students AND teachers were in on it!? i feel passionately that games [as we called it] is a trauma that really should have been let go with the cane…
    anyhow, and i really like the little worlds that tom scott creates.

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