Hot Toddy Jumper


>> I kind of love how we're sharing the wealth that is Peter Jensen's love of anything makes us go "Awwwwwwwwww".  Not only has he crossed over to New York to present his collections but he's also now collaborated with Stateside's Urban Outfitters on a collection of jumpers (let's hope he still calls them that… and doesn't use the cursed SWEATER…) where cross-stitch (or the effect of those type of circular kits that people get well into‚Ķ) a grey dog, fox head, blue rabbit and a rather majestic polar bear have a jolly good time as well as other PJ greatest hits such as tiered gingham pieces. It certainly breathes life back into particular motifs that make me recall past collections but for a fresher audience who just go "Ooooh! BUNNY!", it will also serve as a cutesy intro into the world of PJ.  Incidentally, it doesn't do any harm when his initials PJ also conjure up something else comfy and fuzzy.  Therefore, come December time when hot toddies are in full swing and in some non-urban homes, fires are blazing, when the collection drops, I'll be ever grateful that UO's Stateside website decided to offer up international shipping (well to most countries‚Ķ).






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  1. I love all this knitwear, i totally need to get myself some interesting jumpers this winter there is so many around, maybe I’ll even get round to knitting my own to xoxo

  2. I thought the PJ sweater I tried on last February was going to make me look like a child but it was both comfortable and made for grownups.

  3. Why do English people refer to sweaters as “jumpers”? Just curious where the jumper name stems from. In America, a jumper would be a onesie, or overalls..

  4. I want the long one with the small hearts on it.
    I am really grateful that they ship to Germany, but it’s still kind of expensive-the clothes and the shipping.

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