>> Short, simple, rush rush rush posts will soon end when I get back to London and err… actually WRITE properly.  I just need to ask though…let's all evaluate how MUCH fun Vanessa Reid and Antonio Marras had putting together these finale ensembles that came out for Kenzo's 40th Anniversary show at the Cirque D'Hiver.  Layering, knotting, pinning, folding, tucking… and a few other 'ing' words I can't think of right now were all in force here working in both archive pieces from Kenzo's forty year history as well as Antonio Marras's offerings for the house.  No seriously, how MUCH fun was involved in the meticulous textile, colour, texture and in some cases ethnicity co-ordination that went into this music box model slash doll installation…









P.S LVMH money clearly speaks as once again Kenzo produces another stunner of an invitation, a book that I'm going to keep, try not to doodle in and just flip through from time to time as to remind myself why colour, print, an assortment of textiles and FLOWERS are essential things in my wardrobe…







P.S.S. Oh and I couldn't video it from my angle but I hugely enjoyed the showreel of archive Kenzo shows where in accordance with the JOIE that 70s fashion show had, models were doing all kinds of creative sashaying, spinning, turning, dancing and err… LAUGHING that alas, we don't get to enjoy today…

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  1. Sou Brette says:

    Woww! This is one amazing post,susie! the clothes, the invitation..and everything about it is beautiful 🙂

  2. This is one great post! I love the quirky prints and colors.

  3. Shebelle says:

    I would love a fair share of ownership in that book. Would be great for my bookshelf.

  4. cynthia says:

    so many of your posts ‘wow’ me. i really love the colors here.. they look like dolls!

  5. Nolita says:

    Wow, this looks amazing! Would have loved to be there as well!

  6. domo. says:

    the invitation is a breath taker itself

  7. Doni Brown says:

    I love this post….I still taking it all in!
    Check out my blog!

  8. Olivia says:

    Theses clothes are amazing, beautiful and colorful!! The pop of a variety of patterns and lace are just great. I love the turban/hat/giant things upon they’re heads!! this is really just cool!!

  9. Jennifer says:

    The colours are beautiful, the outfits themselves look like a mixture of different cultural costumes, they’re just so many different layers to look at.

  10. Love the old school Kenzo, I haven’t liked any of their stuff lately though. Though perhaps I get mixed up with their AWFUL jeans diffusion line. The anniversary images are completely gorgous, love all that rich layering.

  11. Asian in the sense of tribal, rather than minimalistic aesthetic. I was surprised how much I liked the collection.

  12. diane says:

    This selection reminds me of those little Russian dolls. Upon closer inspection, it’s really just layers upon layers of beautifully constructed pieces. Fabulous.

  13. cintantya says:

    great outfits!
    visit mine,

  14. X Alex says:

    Fantastic burst of colours and details! Absolutely energetic and lively. The lookbook looks meticulously pierced together and contains as much energy as the presentation. Brought a smile to my face. Grins. Reminds me why colours and details should be part of my wardrobe.

  15. misha Lulu says:

    FANTASTIC! You are the best!
    Love the color and the mixtures!

  16. Each one is like a sculpture, amazing! I’m always a fan of “more is more” though…

  17. Stephanie says:

    I really appreciate how you mentioned some of the ‘ing’ words that you felt were involved in the pieces presented.
    Indeed the contributions of the artisans are usually not mentioned – that’s part of the fashion game.
    This is why i decided to give haute couture artisans and savoir faire issues a bit more visibility and wrote my first post on thedailycouture.com !

  18. …It’s like the operatic version of Disney’s “Small World”.

  19. piril says:

    just wow!
    great title:))

  20. Nickie Frye says:

    Totally agreed with Teri Rees Wang. The first thing thought that came to me was, “it’s a small world after all”. Don’t get me wrong, I like it. I like the individual pieces & the styling for the show is interesting.

  21. davidikus says:

    The Kenzo show looks fantastic. I also really like the idea of the booklet for the 40th anniversary of the brand… It is difficult to believe Kenzo is already 40 years old.

  22. Stylista says:

    Wow, so many details! My eyes don’t know where to go first!

  23. jeanne berre says:

    Absolument magnifique !!! Merci pour ces très belles photos.

  24. lyrebirdgully says:

    Kenzo – (the catwalk collections, not the RTW)- has been/is always my favourite designer.

  25. Jessica says:

    Prints and mixes of textiles are a way to keep your wardrobe alive, something in which our designer Kirat at KAS NYC is inspired by, check it out: http://on.fb.me/9q3dgJ

  26. Dears!
    A friend of mine mailed me this post, and I felt very very happy because i work in the studio (studio paolo bazzani – milan) which made all this. Me, my collegue Rosadea and my boss have been working very hard in the month of september on the invitation: concept, illustrations, collages, paper research and so on, under the wonderful direction of my “maestro” Paolo Bazzani who also art-directed the fashion show, and the artful eye of Antonio Marras.
    I’m very glad and proud you’ve liked it.
    thank you
    Eloise Morandi

  27. Cristins says:

    Marras is terrific, love the show, love the research behind it, love how he mixes his own sardinian artisanal tradition with kenzo’s. thanks for this post.

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