>> I'm waiting for more pictures to write this up fully, but just to warn you people that come next summer, a big expanse of flesh will be coming at you from yours truly.  I will try and fit in some bums n' tums toning, not eat like a teenager (surviving on McDs and Haribos at the mo…) and be fit and ready for this stunner of a GREY JERSEY (now how did you NOT think this would be getting a sole post…) dress that has this gravity defying constructed and controlled draped worked into it via some clever internal metal structuring.  It's from Anthony Vaccarello's S/S 11 collection which was presented yesterday and you can get the official blah here but of course on the blog, I'll tell it as it comes flooding from the heart (shit, I think that awful Another Level song from the Notting Hill soundtrack just crept in there…).  I'm having heart palpitations about the mere prospect of trying it on – what will my unpredictable cleavage DO in it, will I in fact have a squishy thigh situation, what will all that oozing silk grey jersey feel like in structured form?  Sometimes it's good to have such trivial giddy hopes and fears about a dress…


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  1. As if you’ll be able to resist layering it! 😉

  2. pink says:

    nice lighting
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  3. Cori Ashton says:

    If you have the same problem/luck as I did (I don’t know how I feel about it yet)- once you’re finished toning and eating healthier…the boobs go away. It’s nice when I come across risque’ numbers like this one and don’t have to worry about “will I be flashing the world??”…but they are missed.
    I LOVE this dress!!

  4. Lovely photo, the light is perfect!

  5. Laura says:

    bit o’ tit tape and you’ll be fine!

  6. margief says:

    great dress but im retty sure no one with boobs would be able to go near it. damn.

  7. nice outfit!can’t wait to see the whole thing

  8. Carrie says:

    THIS IS PURE GENIUS ! Boobs ? so 2000 …

  9. Stylista says:

    Wow, what a dress! Revealing, but oh so fashion.

  10. But she’s still looks gorgeous.

  11. Styletastic says:

    ahem…freak me baby…?

  12. brighten the color would make it more luscious

  13. Too good and superb post on fashion modelling blog.

  14. I think it just need a little more finishing touches and it will be Perfect!

  15. Thanks,some great data here keep up the good work. I actually allow for a more creative comment as I’m a bit out of my depth but I will be checking back here for further updates.

  16. That’s great for this summer outfit…

  17. Perfect for the summer get ups…

  18. I want to try other colors for this cloth.

  19. Megan Guernsey says:

    Boobs? Blame it on the Halperidol!

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