Being back in the UK means that when I type in, I have to put in the extra "?us_site=y" to get you to the American site and this season with their new redesign gives me plenty of reason to do so. seem to cherry pick the shows that get detail shots whereas the US Vogue site has them ready to nab in blogger-friendly sizes for the shows they're reviewing (though in turn, they're also being selective with shows).  For LFW though, most of my faves have been covered with some devillishly big images and in particular, it has documented all of Nicholas Kirkwood shoe collabs as well as the ones he has done for Pollini.  He's really been pumping this out this season under his own label as well as his new creative directorship for Pollini which has now decided to concentrate purely on accessories. 

Alright, so you see a few more leg/feet boo-boos than you nromally would but then again, it's all about the shoe and I'm not going to be all disparaging on models who have to undergo so much feet strain in one month.  These are the Pollini for Michael Van Der Ham shoes all velvet-y and wonderfully chunky…



(Pics above from Michael van der Ham Details on




I've got plenty of words to say on Meadham Kirchhoff's latest collection but I'll start with the feet and work my way up perhaps.  These perhaps don't scream Pollini but under the guidance of Nicholas Kirkwood, they are totally apt for this collection and I love how the shoes will be decorated in a way that means there'll be slight differentiation with each pair.  I guess they sort of run in a similar tract to the holographic shoes I got from Beacon's Closet for ¬£20 which I wear a lot… except there's a whole lot more glitter, a lot more embellishment and in general, MORE MORE MORE.  I guess you'll be seeing the triple M's a lot this week. 




I also love the preview features that did with the designers including a sketch/prototype of these magical shoes…

(Pics above from Meadham Kirchhoff details on

Pretty, pretty Erdem made me clasp my hands together in delight on Bedford Square like the sad child that I am.  More on that later but here the shoes take precedence as these sandals made in collaboration with Nicholas Kirkwood (not for Pollini but for his own label…) in addition to the ones he worked on with Peter Pilotto are on pre-sale NOW for another four days and seven hours or so.  I had a bit of a disaster getting to Peter Pilotto's show so thank god for the detail shots where you grasp the full structural beauty of these decidedly more polished heels that matched the equally slick collection.




(Photos from Erdem and Peter Pilotto detail shots on

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  1. cynthia says:

    wow it’s cool being able to see a drawing of those shoes. the shoe modeled after it is probably my favorite to look at here. thanks for the amazing photos!

  2. olivia says:

    beautiful heels!! I love the drawing its fantastic!! also I love the hollow heel with the splash of yellow on the interior, so great!!!

  3. Becca says:

    SO many amazing shoes. I love that sketch, it’s so interesting to see the beginnings vs. the final product

  4. Brigadeiro says:

    Loved the Erdem & Peter Pilotto shoes!

  5. Sonia says:

    shoes are amazing – color!!!facture 🙂

  6. Really lovely dance of heels. Wonderful indeed.

  7. stylespotter says:

    I loved Erdems show and I thought the shoes really complimented the clothes! Love this post!

  8. Sister Wolf says:

    Meadham Kirchhoff is the fucking business. I have been absent for awhile, but thank you for giving me some straightforward passion and beauty to go to sleep with. xo

  9. Leonidas says:

    wow. gorgeous pictures and the shoes are fabulous. and the sketch is so perfect

  10. pink says:

    wowww those shoes are real amazing!!!! really love the first one
    check out my new post at

  11. Gabija says:

    Seeing this makes me sad.I so bad walking in heels…

  12. JI says:


  13. celeste says:

    those Meadham Kirchhoff’s glitter shoes almost made me levitate off the floor with the happiness in my heart.
    not to mention, socks + heels = always a winner
    come hang out

  14. Wow I love those shoes 🙂 I had a good laugh about the foot and leg booo booo hehhe 🙂

  15. Sarah says:

    woo its like scalloped treads! and the digital print trend on your FEET! i really like the blue velvet pair, looks great on the foot for some reason

  16. I’m such a sucker for yellow shoes. I can’t get enough.

  17. Milana says:

    Love the first pairs.
    Milana from

  18. Some of these remind me of the early 90s. In a good way!

  19. Clairey says:

    loving michael van der hams velvet delights, not too sure about the chunky sesame street’rs, I think I’ll have to wait and see if they trickle down to wearable highst.

  20. Afroza Khan says:

    Amazingly awesome
    Follow to win a prize.

  21. The Meadham Kirchhoff shoes are gorgeous, though I worry for the models’s feet after seeing the makes on one of the feet! It must get painful, and hardly makes the shoes look good (though I imagine they’d look worse without them!)

  22. Tina says:

    I don’t like them. Their forms just don’t work at all, for me.

  23. Alex says:

    I was surprized of the feet and realized that the models are human, we are human, why we seek perfection?do we have to be perfect?

  24. ivette says:

    amazing shoes!

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