>> The world is officially small when via an editor from Indonesia who I met in New York, I somehow receive some nuggets of the Indonesian fashion industry and in particular, make another connection to Nina Karina Nikicio who is one of the more prominent ones that has been carving out several strands to her ever-burgeoning brand.  There's a femme and homme line, a nn:02 basics-based line and then there's her series of projects where she 're' juvenates, 're' vives or 're'configures a clothing concept.  For her fourth 're' project, she looked at that old chestnut; the paper dress.  Explored, flashed up in the 60s and then condemened to the sin bin since, save for the loose relations of paper pulp-based fabrics in organic clothing endeavours, the paper dress has never really had its proper outing.  Perhaps it won't ever be a conceivable mainstream mode of attire. Even Nina's project here is as I said… a project and nothing more. 

Still, I love that she has tried to use a more solid paper base to create these zippered shifts printed with works by five photographers from Indonesia and Singapore.  The ones that arrived through the aforementioned roundabout way are the 'Re-sident' and 'Re-turn' dress, featuring a close-up knarly shot of a tree by Evelyn Pritt and a Phi Phi sunset shot by Noran Bakrie, both from Jakarta.  Seeing as these fully-functional, fully-comfortable and fully-waterproof zippered shifts are in my possession, tempering them to have these paper dress get proper outings isn't too difficult.  May just have to work in a scenario where should a rip-based accident happen whilst out and about, I would have to shed the layer to reveal another one which counts as an outfit change on the go…

(With cut-up vintage trench, old Topshop dress, black tights, Atalanta Weller wedges)

DSC_0721 DSC_0755

(With ASOS White coat, MiH jeans, Heavy Machine heels)

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  1. Fab dress, really pretty!

  2. Ann says:

    I love the wedges Suzie!!!BTW, I saw a feature about you in our local Magazine,=) I’ve taken some pictures of it and posted it here: http://numberslettersandfashion.blogspot.com/2010/09/philippine-tattler-march-2010.html

  3. I really like your style as always! Great post!

  4. Sheray says:

    Amazing dresses! Love them both.
    xoxo Sheray.

  5. Shebelle says:

    Trench coat is beautiful. Btw I’m checking Nikicio atm.

  6. margief says:

    great wedges my eyes were immediately drawn to them! but the dresses are great also however i would be so worried that some part of it would get caught on something

  7. melissa says:

    love the prints of these dress, amazing!

  8. pink says:

    woww i love both prints
    check out my fashion blog at http://thetalesofselfindulgence.blogspot.com

  9. My Sanctuary says:

    this is really a cool post..im getting indulge with it..

  10. cynthia says:

    beautiful coat! i really love the 1st print dress

  11. Joy D. says:

    I like the sunset print. I recently learned that what we see visually as the sunset does not exist. It is actually our brains perceiving color. Isn’t that crazy?

  12. Cinz says:

    love the print dress and your signature fringe look:) Great blog u got goin on btw. Stop by mine if you got time.

  13. vixen says:

    great outfit and inspiring blog 🙂

  14. Laura says:

    Really cool concept. I love what you’ve worked them with.

  15. Doni Brown says:

    Love the Prints!
    Check out my blog at

  16. Cate says:

    Love those dresses so creative xoxo

  17. Wow…
    Those dresses are wonderful.
    I would like to buy them.

  18. Love the landscape prints. Have you seen Carven’s new line? Has some amazing photographic landscape prints:

  19. The dresses are beautiful, but omg those purple jeans! Arrow of lust straight to the heart! Stunning!

  20. Christel says:

    I really love the print of the first dress, with these sorte of organic shapes, it’s beautiful, like made by the nature.

  21. Stylista says:

    I really like her classic coat, and how she pairs it up with more unique pieces.

  22. Hippy and trendy, fit to the youth of today…

  23. Gogochango says:

    Wow Noran is a friend of mine and she did a wonderful job. I like Nikicio fit in you suzie..

  24. Excellent dress ..Trench coat is a extraordinary one to wear ..i dont know ,how come u alone giving such a attractive stuffs …My hearty wishes to u ..u definetly rock!!!http://www.facebook.com/pages/Viva-Magazine-Your-Premium-Womens-Natural-Health-Magazine/262734921452?ref=ts i go crazy for all ur posts …

  25. masha says:

    wow!! dress in made in paper! is it comfortable?
    I like so much the print on the first outfit! like asphalt or mud))

  26. It looks great, I just wonder… How does it wash?

  27. desisuit says:

    I really love the print of the first dress

  28. jordanaa says:

    love love love that camel coat! it is so great on you 🙂
    and i m really loving your shoes!!!
    great post you look great!

  29. I love the style! She looks so cool in first photo. I definitely love her shoes!

  30. Tiffany says:

    Love those purple pants!

  31. Lovely and superb post, really looking stunning.

  32. Nickie Frye says:

    I’m seriously considering the sunset dress. I love how you paired it with the purple jeans. However, I’ve never worn a paper dress before & I’m wondering how it ‘sounds’. Do you know what I mean? I wouldn’t want to be conspicuously crinkling around.

  33. Those purple pants are awesome.

  34. Swan says:

    wow. i have been missing out, off in my own world. that last outfit is also perfect. trim trench and endless deep purple flares? amazingness. you are looking rather posh these days.

  35. Desisuit says:

    I love the style she looks a nice.

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  37. Well I love how you paired it with the purple jeans. However, I’ve never worn a paper dress before & I’m wondering how it ‘sounds’.

  38. I love the furry coats for cold season…

  39. This cloths are comfort for the winter and cold season.

  40. Does that cloths heavy?It looks heavy to wear…

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