Raeburn’s Species

Raeburn’s Species

>> I was feeling like I had fallen to a whole new level of poo when by day four of LFW, I had a fifteen minute nose bleed outside the BFC tents and looking like I had massacred someone for their shoes because of the blood on my hands.  Then on day five a friend came to perk me up.  I don't want to categorise it and give her names that don't apply.  She's probably best known as bunny.  But seeing as she's a creation spawned from the mini studio that Christopher Raeburn set up in his NEWGen huts (SO much good stuff to come out of here…) installation, I think it's really up to Raeburn to give her a species name.  I've only bestown it a sex.  Because to me, she is Moo Face – cross-eyed, a bit confused but bedecked with the prettiest ears known to bunnykind.  A little like the Moo Face that I was by the end of LFW!

(Moo Face and Me – photographed by Phil Oh – I'm wearing sleevless cut-off trench, Clare Tough trench and See by Chloe bag via Beso)

It's funny how far Christopher Raeburn has come since my interest in him was piqued by my anger that he got kicked off FAR too early off Project Catwalk (remember that…?  I'm sure he and all the other contestants on it would want to forget about that unfortunate episode too…).  A quick peruse on his website and blog and ye shall see how far he has come with installations in Barney's and Browns Focus, key stockists and all on the strength of his belief in the idea of things being 'Remade in England'.  Military isn't a fleeting trend for Raeburn but one where materials and aesthetics can be drawn upon to make intelligent outerwear and accessories made from the off-cuts. 

Actually this is where Moo Face was born out of… off-cuts from Raeburn's A/W 10-11 collection which had his minions sewing furiously to get these bunny creatures out and about…






Raeburn has made a name for himself by using redeployed parachute material that he has applied his vivid take on camoflage seen in these triple dot patterns in the brightest of hues seen on windcheaters, hoodies and shorter parkas that basically has all grounds covered in terms of rainwear that goes beyond the call of function.  In addition Raeburn has used dead-stock British milled cottons to create sleeker and plainer pieces that are constructed with grosgrain taping.  Original 60s militiary wear, patchwork bombers and Swedish snow parkas also have been deconstrcuted and remade into pieces to make a collection that seems to get as much as possible out of the parka domain whilst having fun with something that could be all too heavy-handed (see video above for light relief where Raeburn's remade bunny pops up)…







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  1. Brigadeiro

    2010-09-27 at 1:21 PM

    The bunny bag is too cute! Love your outfit, and those anoraks are brilliant!

  2. silvana

    2010-09-27 at 1:26 PM

    as always … not the same post
    great bubble:)
    luv video

  3. cynthia

    2010-09-27 at 1:51 PM

    the patterns on those are so cool.. i love the blue one!

  4. Cate

    2010-09-27 at 2:12 PM

    I love that bunny bag, I have a thing for unsual bags they look fantastic xoxo

  5. pink

    2010-09-27 at 2:17 PM

    woww Raeburn is so cool!!! great post
    check out my fashion blog at http://thetalesofselfindulgence.blogspot.com

  6. vasilieva

    2010-09-27 at 3:46 PM

    these jackets and parkas are totally cool, loved the colours and that light fabric. great ad campaign too + these stuffed animals looks so cute and hugable

  7. Fashionistable

    2010-09-27 at 4:10 PM

    I loved this exhibition too. Xxxx

  8. Christel

    2010-09-27 at 4:20 PM

    What a cute rabbit, it’s cool to walk on the street with it

  9. pia

    2010-09-27 at 10:03 PM

    great bag and loving the jackets!

  10. Joy D.

    2010-09-28 at 3:39 AM

    There are many parts to the bunny bag!

  11. Dru

    2010-09-28 at 7:58 AM

    The bunny reminds me of Eeyore! It looks like a cross between Kanga and Eeyore, anyway- and I hope you’re better now, Susie.
    PS: Those hoodies on the sewing ‘minions’ are seriously fantastic.

  12. Duck

    2010-09-28 at 1:40 PM

    Oh my so now I want a moo face too!
    “You are the smoking beagle to patsy’s vivisectionist.”
    An Ab Fab quote for every occasion.

  13. Phyllisa

    2010-10-01 at 7:01 AM

    Yes, definitely a kangamoo!

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