(Vintage kimono, Edwin jumper stolen from Steve, vintage dress, Prada sunglasses, Nicholas Kirkwood sandals)

I'm probably teetering on the edge of exhaustion today hence my own version of 'cosy n' casual' in the above pic wearing a distinctly haggard look.  I'm also losing my voice so if any of you come up to me and you get a muted muffled noise, it's not because I'm being horrifically rude but because I haven't found a notepad yet to carry around my neck a la Ada from The Piano.  Still, LFW chugs on and goddamnit I only missed one thing today (the Maria Francesca Pepe presentation) and that was down to the Pope holding a vigil in Hyde Park so me thinks I did good.

You won't see the fruits born from the day all at once as I need to pace myself – what do I keep saying?  I'm just a LONE blogger (though a few noted bloggers have got themselves an assistant this season… hmmm… errr… do I ACTUALLY need one?) AND these collections have a longer shelf life than a week.  So I'm saving some goodies up…

Instead, I'll give you my fuzzy, muted memories of the day that came B.V.L. – before.voice.lost.  I'm also typing out thoughts on SHOWstudio's blog this week – more opportunities for hearing me out because my physical voice sure isn't serving me well. 

Soooo…. Viking Wong's collection needs a revisit but I'm liking the use of rubber/latex stripes worked into cotton casuals and sleek tailoring… sort of like a subtle 'Fuck You' to office wear…


Hats are floopy, big and open-headed according to Marc Jacobs and Simon Ekrelius did one that was just that – except bigger… will they grow when it gets to Paris?


I never look to House of Holland and stroke my chin pondering it in a serious fashion.  Perhaps being a 'joke' in fashion takes the pressure off and instead Holland can just concentrate on having FUN FUN FUN with his work which has got me into tropical prints paired with fringing and metallic lame in those bright shades that will forever remain in the HoH DNA….  me likes it – actually I never got to say how much I liked the last one too… hmm… needs further investigation and provocation…




Ah Emilio de la Morena… another one that needs further investigation especially as once again, he gave me another art history lesson by using Argentine painter and sculptor Lucio Fontana as a reference which gave way to the physical slashes in the collection.  In addition to Emilio's usual language of form, shape and architecture, I REALLY took to the colour combinations that he worked in… a little Dries-y but definitely welcome here to soften the edges of the slashes as well as the immense jewellery that was a collaboration with Scott Wilson…  (pics from

Ah…ah… Eudon Choi – oops, perhaps it's an affinity with designers beginning with the letter 'E' – his BEAUTIFUL pink trench from his S/S 10 collection is still one of my FAAAAAVOURITE pieces in the world to touch and wear (as well as one of those pieces that people ALWAYS comment on) and his take on the poacher jacket here from his S/S 11 collection was also an outerwear winner.  So many pockets, such lovely shades of neutral tones worked in and I also love the structure that it has – like a poacher that has been neatened and cleaned up.  The rest of the collection needs to be revisited as well…



I finally saw more from Yorkshire Pearl, the bracelet that Lira Leirner wore to my yard sale… these bangles are all charm encrusted to the max…



Cooperative Designs' S/S 11 collection was a big highlight of the day which is why it deserves more than just this pithy picture of one of the models ACTUALLY playing the piano in the Groucho Club where it was held… all I can say is I've never seen a reconfiguration of the 1920s quite like their new collection…


Finally Mr Charles Anastase – for some reason I've managed to miss his shows the last few seasons due to an over-manic schedule.  Tonight, I slowed it down, got there early and took in the almost cliched-French music as well as Anastase's return to a girly insouciance that his fans love him for – the oversized collars, the cat (?) blouse brooch and the embroidered flowers represent the quirkier touches that augment the collection as well as some forays into pastels as well as a silver textured leather in a 60s-style mod-coat.  As always, Natacha Marro provided the shoes but unfortunately some of the girls kept on stumbling in them… down to the wrong sizing me thinks because some show-goers were definitely rocking more treacherous footwear and doing ok in them on the streets. 







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  1. Janna says:

    Looks like a good day for colour print and texture!

  2. Lee Oliveira says:

    the first photo is amazing..
    I have been watching London Fashion Week live on the net. They are sending me exclusive daily videos so I can post on my blog for my readers

  3. Amazing, I wish I was there!
    Come to think of it, you did say something about an assistant.. 😉

  4. pink says:

    woww i love your skirt!!
    visit my fashion blog at
    leave comments and follow me pleasee…ill follow you stright away!!
    big thanks!

  5. Inspiring colours, looks like a very good show, love the accessories

  6. epaige816 says:

    Love the dress in the piano picture-the black and white color combination is stunning!

  7. Mia_Delessi says:

    The dress on the 7th picture is stunning
    Mia Bbook

  8. annie says:

    I love almost all of these fabulous dresses ! really inspiring!
    your blog is adorable!

  9. I love those Fontana inspired pieces, particularly the first one. They are just so well constructed.
    Get well soon!

  10. Leonidas says:

    the shoes in the last photo are fabulous. all of the clothes are great though

  11. sarah kitten says:

    I love this Anastase collection, and it’s great to see some photos from different angles. Thanks for posting!

  12. I really liked this seasons House of Holland. I was invited to a private screening of the show and questions and answers with Henry. He seemed really passionate about his brand. I went to the afterparty to…you are right it was FUN FUN FUN 😀

  13. Laura says:

    Looking like theres some good stuff coming out!
    Have fun 😀

  14. silvana says:

    love love this last shoes
    and scott wilson tooo

  15. Henry Holland was a surprise for me too, the banana-leaf print and fringing of this season left me all a flutter as did the bandana stuff from last season!
    Also, that Simon Ekrelius hat… OMGorgeous!! I NEED it for my next summer holiday – like Samantha from SATC!
    S xx

  16. Kelly says:

    I loved Charles Anastase’s shoes as always!!

  17. I’m seriously loving everything I’ve seen from s/s ’11 so far! The big hat and fringe is making me even more anxious. 2011, get here already!

  18. ヴィヴィアン says:


  19. Stephanie says:

    your kimono is fantastic! I love the color.

  20. Kristina says:

    Oh goodness me I love that pleated wine colored skirt!!

  21. Amazing, very inspirational!

  22. I love your outfit – cute and cosy works for me!

  23. I really like the shoes in that last photo as well. By the way, great blog.

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