>> Give me a hole and I will happily stick something in it.  Mis-interpret that sentence at your peril… because what I'm talking about are the holes/gaps/cut-outs of a garment and the 'something' could be a knot here and there facilitating integration between two pieces of clothing.  I've had these Style Stalker pieces during a period of time when our UK summer had passed and I felt like dresses entitled Wakeboard and Wipe Out were really just there to mock me.  I don't blame the Australian mid-levels-label (Aus is a goldmine of these I've found…) for cashing in what is a) a national pastime for them and b) the summer season that has just gone when in general activewear influences have been rife, instigated mainly by Proenza Schouler's tie dye, hair dye antics.  I just blame the skies for smushing August into a downpour of grey days.  

Clearly I don't have an ounce of surf in my inactive bones (I huff and puff after two flights of stairs…) but I do have a love of sticking things in where they don't belong – such as a scarf and a satin skirt that have no business with sea/sand.  With the handy slits that Style Stalker have worked into their pieces that are clearly meant to be worn with scrunchy salty hair, bare feet and that beachy babe attitude that I err… don't have, I did some knotting, tying and cover-complicating that suddenly takes the 'surf' out and I no longer feel like dresses on hangers are openly "Mu-ha-ha-ha"-ing me with their summer vibes…



(With Forget Me Not scarf, Corrie Williamson necklace, vintage necklace, vintage Loewe trousers, Bruno Frisoni shoes)



(With Tabio ribbed legwarmers, Acne wedges, Calvin Klein skirt twisted up)

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  1. Cate says:

    Awesome looks, I love them xoxo

  2. bitch you better work! major. i always love your color palette selection…makes all you looks stellar.

  3. keep on being this original! i really like your outfits, they are pieces of art

  4. ediot says:

    love how your outfits are always so fierce! the jewellery in the first pics are so cool. and i love and want those acne wedges so bad..
    wish you a wonderful weekend love

  5. You’re always amazing! Gorgeous post!!!

  6. Most artistic these knots. You are giving me many, many ideas!

  7. I just love that first outfit on you. The heels are amazing! :)SarahD

  8. nesha says:

    I love the Corrie Williamson necklace. I remember you doing a post it ona few months back when I was a virgin to chunky jewellery and Corrie Williamson was my first. From then on I was hooked. I think Michelle from Kingdom of Style did a post about Corrie Williamson jewellery this week…
    I particularly love the scarves in the first photo… I shall be stealing that idea and use it in a post of my own mwahahaha.

  9. I love the way you work with accessories and how they mingle with the construction of the clothes. Tough job but beautifully done!

  10. Never thought to integrate other clothing into the gaps of other clothing…very cute

  11. Gon says:

    Love the outfits, specially the first one ! My fave piece is that uber cool and huge necklace 😉
    Dimogonda blog

  12. Sarah says:

    wow creative with the scarfe and skirt! i shud give this a try!

  13. KD says:

    You should be teaching classes.

  14. lyrebirdgully says:

    The colour palette in the first outfit is so satisfyingly well balanced, it’s a visual creme brulee. Delicious!

  15. melissa says:

    love your last black and red look, it’s awesome and so cool! <3

  16. pink says:

    love your leather pants!!
    check out my fashion blog at thetalesofselfindulgence.blogspot.com
    the new post is updated today!! ‘Lacy Saturday’ … follow me via Blog lovin or Google if you like:-) thankss

  17. I absolutely love your first outfit!! and the wedges in the second one… 🙂

  18. vogue intern says:

    we love the forget me not scarves 😉

  19. Carmen says:

    LOVE IT ALL! those Loewe trousers are awesome!

  20. Stacey Kelly says:

    omg susie! that first outfit is so cool. these are both awesome ensembles actually and i looove anything surf inspired.

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